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LA CROSSE, Wis., (January 13, 2022) – Having students at school is the first priority to make sure they are learning, supported, and on track for graduation and for life. Absenteeism, especially chronic absenteeism, is a tremendous barrier to learning as well as secondary and post-secondary success. Part of a successful approach to addressing absenteeism includes recognizing and acknowledging regular and improved attendance with students.

The La Crosse Community Attendance Partnership offers students tangible incentives to attend school and be in classes. This partnership focuses on a community campaign to raise awareness for youth and family engagement in making sure students at school are ready to learn. Through regular communication, attendance monitoring, strategic interventions, and incentivizing school attendance, this school-business partnership aims to improve the educational outcomes of high school students in La Crosse.

Morrie’s Auto Group is further strengthening this partnership by donating $9,000 to the new Attendance Matters-Powered by Morrie’s campaign. The campaign’s goals are to increase the average daily attendance rate at each La Crosse high school, reduce the percentage of students who are chronically absent, and provide an equitable, tiered approach to incentivizing school attendance so that students are recognized for regular or improved attendance. Funds from Morrie’s will be used to provide awards for attendance that include gift cards, prize packages for nights out, prom, and summer, scholarships, and more.

Attendance Matters

“Many people may view truancy as a victimless offense, and it may appear that way in the moment,” said Alicia Place, Community Services Coordinator for the School District of La Crosse. “However, when our students grow up and leave our school systems without graduating, the implications for them and our community are profound. We want to make sure we are supporting all students to find a path of success towards graduation, and good school attendance is the first step to achieving this goal.”

The Attendance Matters-Powered by Morrie’s campaign started with an assembly and the first round of prize giveaways at both Central and Logan High Schools.

To learn more about what students, families, and support agencies can do to help strengthen school attendance and student achievement, please visit