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Steps to format a new drive for use with Mac OS X

Formatting a new disk drive is sometimes necessary for the drive to work properly with OS X Macintosh computers.  It is important to remember that FORMATTING A DRIVE WILL ERASE ANY AND ALL CONTENTS OF THE DRIVE and THIS IS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU CANNOT UNDO.

  1. Connect the hard drive or USB key to the Mac
  2. Launch Disk Utility, located in Applications > Utilities
  3. Locate the drive name from the left-hand side of Disk Utility and click on it’s name to select the drive.
  4. Click on the “Erase” tab across the top
  5. Next to “Format:” click the contextual menu and select “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”
  6. Name the drive if you want, the name can be changed at any point
  7. Click the “Erase” button and confirm again on the next pop-up window

That’s all there is to it, the drive will now format and erase everything on it and be ready for use.

Updated on September 28, 2016

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