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Bass Clef Choir and Freshmen Treble Choir

Welcome to the Central Freshmen Treble Choir and

Bass Clef Choir Page!

The Freshmen Treble Choir and the Bass Clef Choir are under the direction of Mr. Ian Schultz. Both classes are half credit classes meeting two times per week. Students receive 3 to 4 individual or small groups voice lessons each quarter. Both groups are entry level choirs designed to meet students where they are while also preparing them to move on to the more advanced choirs at Central. Both the treble choir and bass choir meet 7th hour.

Concert Attire                                                                                                                                                         

FTC/BCC choir members can wear:

  • All Black Outfit
  • Pants, Blouse, Shirt, Skirt, Dress are all acceptable concert attire.
  • Black shoes are a must


2022-2023 Performances:

Sunday, December 11, 2pm – Winter Concert 

Call time is 1pm to practice “Peace, Peace” with all choirs

Monday, May 1,  8:00pm – Spring Choir Concert


A large group style clinic will be held in the spring. A date is TBD