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Students Services

Welcome to Student Services

The mission of the School District of La Crosse School Counseling Program is to provide a Comprehensive School Counseling Program addressing the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. In partnership with other educators, parent(s)/guardian(s), and the community, school counselors support students in acquiring skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become successful life-long learners and responsible citizens.

Feel free to stop in the Student Services Office/Career Center to meet with one of our counselors about your future.

The information in this site is provided as a service to our students and parents. Central High School cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by outside organizations. Students are advised to check a variety of sources. Be aware that personal information provided on an internet site may not be confidential. Thank you! If you have any questions/comments please feel free to e-mail.

Central HS Student Services is using Google Appointments to provide the opportunity for students to sign up for individual appointments with their School Counselor and/or School Social Worker.  To schedule an appointment, click on the link that is provided for the intended person you wish to meet with.  This link will take you to the appropriate appointment calendar where you can find a time that works best for you.  Be sure to NOT schedule an appointment during a time you have class.  You will then get an email confirmation of the appointment.  The Student Services staff member will then video chat with you through Google Meet at that time.
If you are having trouble scheduling an appointment through the appointment calendar or the times available for the week don’t work for you, email or call Student Services to schedule an appointment. 



Mr. Kristopher Miller

Last Names:  A-Fo

Phone:  608-789-3006

Email: kmiller@lacrossesd.org


Mrs. Kirsten Jandrin, Counselor

Last Names:  Fp-Lh

Phone:  608-789-3006

Email: kjandrin@lacrossesd.org


Mrs. Meredith Tomesh, Counselor

Last Names:  Li-Sb

Phone:  608-789-3006

Email:  mtomesh@lacrossesd.org


Ms. Andrea Cwiak, Counselor

Last Names:  Sc-Z

Phone:  608-789-3006

Email:  acwiak@lacrossesd.org


Mr. Don Scheckel, School Psychologist


Email:  dschecke@lacrossesd.org

Mrs. Diane Silha, Administrative Assistant


Email:  dsilha@lacrossesd.org