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Welcome to the scholarship page!

On the Scholarship Trail?


  1. Check the Scholarship Display located in the Student Services Office. It contains applications and/or information for all the scholarships that have been mailed to Central. A list will be posted on top of the display including the scholarship name, a brief description, and a deadline for each scholarship.  Applications are located in the slots in the display.  New scholarship opportunities arrive frequently and the list is updated every two weeks.
  2. The above mentioned scholarships posted through our office are also posted on the Student Services webpage.  Go to Central’s webpage, www.lacrosseschools.org/central.  Click on Office and then Student Services.
  3. Brainstorm lists of sources such as clubs, insurance companies, businesses, unions, churches, and other organizations to which you or your family are affiliated.  They might have scholarship money available for students; inquire directly to those organizations.
  4. Browse through the SCHOLARSHIP BOOKS located in the Student Services Office.
  5. Seniors planning to go on to any school following graduation should apply for the Central High School Scholarships.  The scholarship application will be available on the Central HS webpage www.lacrosseschools.org/Central on December 1st.  Applications must be submitted online by Friday, January 4, 2019 by 3:30 pm.   LATE APPLICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.  The CHS Scholarships include dozens of scholarships for two and four year schools.  The scholarships are designed for many types of students.  For example, some are for students with a high GPA and some are for students with middle or low GPA.   One considers GPA and athletic letters earned in high school.  Some take into consideration community service involvement.  Some are only for students applying to programs in health-related areas.  There are many possibilities so all students should apply!
  6. Check directly with the schools/colleges you are applying to.  They may have scholarships available.

Good Luck!  Please stop in and ask questions.  We’re here to help!


***Central High School Student Services***

Application is closed.


Please read the Central High School Scholarship Timeline & Directions before completing this application.  Timeline Directions 18-19

This application enters you into consideration for approximately 70 general scholarships that will be awarded to Central seniors at the Senior Scholarship Program on Monday, April 29, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.  The application information is needed by the Central High School Scholarship Committee (which includes all Department Chairs and counselors) and is used to make scholarship award decisions.  Please understand that a scholarship may be rescinded if information submitted is inaccurate or has changed since submitting your application.  You are responsible for keeping Student Services updated on your acceptance as this will affect your consideration for scholarships with specific criteria.

I understand that if chosen as a scholarship winner, according to Central High School’s policy, I must provide evidence of enrollment/registration at the post-secondary institution of my choice for the Fall of 2019 before scholarship funds can be awarded.



You will need approximately 30 minutes to complete this application.  Plan on completing the entire application in one sitting, because you will not be able to save and go back to finish.


You will need the following information available to complete this online application:

  1. Your work history
  2. List of school activities you have been involved in and the years of participation
  3. List of community activities (not community service)
  4. List of community and school service (volunteer activities)

**There will be an option to explain special circumstances toward the end of the application.


Updated: September 12, 2019

Scholarships listed are for seniors, unless otherwise noted.

Scholarship Scams.  It should not cost you anything to apply for a scholarship.  If you have questions, stop in Student Services or see the “scholarship scams” section on the Student Services section of Central’s website.  

If a transcript is required, in most cases an unofficial copy will suffice.  Please see Mrs. Silha in Student Services for further instructions if an official transcript is required.  

Some scholarships have paper applications or further instructions.  They will be denoted with an asterisk (*) and materials may be picked up from the Scholarship Display located in Student Services. 


Central-specific scholarships are either scholarships that will be awarded to a Central student or they are selective in nature, which means Central must select the student(s) who will compete at the local, regional, state or national level for the chance at the award.



Herb Kohl Student Excellence Scholarship 

  • The purpose of the Herb Kohl Excellence Scholarship program is to recognize student leadership, citizenship, school and community involvement, and academic achievement.
  •   Applicants must:  
    • Be graduating students who are Wisconsin residents and intend to enroll in a postsecondary institution, which may be a public or nonpublic university, college, or vocational/technical college.  
    • Complete the online application located at https://www.kohleducation.org/studentexcellence/      

Deadline:  Students must submit their completed application online no later than November 5th, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.