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Virtual Backpack


In an effort to save resources and time required by school staff to sort and handle flyers, approved flyers will be posted on this page.

School backpacks will continue to be used by school administrators, teachers, and the school district to send communications and information home to parents, such as homework, classroom news, and school-sponsored activities. Flyers will not be sent home in student backpacks unless they are directly related to school business and are generated by the school or school district.

Non-Profit Distribution of Materials Information

Flyers and materials regarding student and/or staff activities or learning opportunities that are sponsored or offered by a community-based non-profit organization may receive approval for posting, subject to the following guidelines. Distribution requests should be submitted two weeks before the event to allow time for reviewing.

Guidelines for Distribution Materials:

  • All flyers must contain the District’s disclaimer: “This event, class, activity or matter is not sponsored or endorsed by the School District of La Crosse and is not printed at District expense”.
  • Approved flyers must be for programs or events that are sponsored by non-profit, non-school organizations must align with, enhance or extend the District’s academic curriculum, and be age-appropriate.
  • Posted flyers are for informational purposes only. Posting does not imply District endorsement or recommendation.
  • Requests for the distribution of materials for events that are sponsored by for-profit organizations will not be approved.
  • If your flyer meets the above guidelines and Board Policy 8520 provisions, please visit the link below “Distribution of Materials Request Form” to submit your request. Additional guidelines and the approval process can also be found under the request form.

Scope of Approval:

  • All flyers and materials that meet the guidelines will be approved for electronic posting on the District’s Virtual Backpack webpage.
  • Determination of approval or disapproval by the Associate Superintendent of Instruction, and scope of approval, if applicable, will be provided via e-mail in response to the request.

Questions? Email

Yard Signs

Please contact Buildings and Grounds, at 608.789.7666, regarding approval of yard signs outside of the school buildings.


Per Board Policy 8520, the activities listed below have been approved for posting by the School District of La Crosse. This approval does not mean the events are school-sponsored activities/programs nor does the School District of La Crosse necessarily endorse these activities/programs. For more information on the activity or program, please contact the organization on the flyer.

Health Insurance Navigators

Health Insurance Navigators

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