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Adolescent Program
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Montessori History

Montessori Origin

Montessori Education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman physician in Italy and a pioneer in education in the early 1900’s. Her methods have expanded with popularity across the world.

Montessori states, “The education of adolescents is of capital importance because adolescence is the age when the child becomes an adult, which is to say, a member of society.” The Adolescent Program encompasses this need by providing learning experiences that involve the students with real and pressing global challenges, help them to think creatively and design workable solutions, understand their knowledge and confidence can aid humanity, and teach them to reflect and learn in a natural environment.

Education should no longer be mostly imparting knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentials.”

Our History


The Coulee Montessori Adolescent Program is entering it’s tenth year. We are an extension of the Coulee Montessori Elementary School, but we do accept applicants with experiences and interests that align with our environment but do not have Montessori experience.




The Coulee Montessori Adolescent Program has created partnerships with Deep Roots Farm and Hillview Urban Agricultural Center to enhance learning experiences within the community. Students will be spending every Wednesday throughout the school year learning in the world’s environment and participating in valuable learning experiences with these partnerships.

Please see the attached articles and videos to learn more about Montessori and Adolescent Programs in general.

Mission and Vision


Coulee Montessori School Mission

  • To provide a child-centered, hands on learning
  • To promote each child’s unique social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development
  • To foster respect for others
  • To encourage the growth of independence and responsibility
  • To foster the desire for lifelong learning


A Special Mission for our Adolescent Students:

  • To conduct our actions with grace and courtesy while showing integrity, responsibility, independence and care for the world around us.
  • To actively participate and learn from the greater community and environment.
  • To distinguish right from wrong on our own.
  • To learn and teach using successes and mistakes from ourselves, our peers, and our teachers.
  • To become efficient in using our imagination, creativity, and moral values to enhance ourselves and our surroundings.
  • To challenge ourselves to complete work above expectations so that we are better prepared for future endeavors.
  • To experience unique educational styles in a variety of locations and ways.


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