Coulee Montessori
Charter School
1611 Kane Street | La Crosse, WI 54603 | Phone: (608)789-7970 | Fax: (608)789-0035

Student Services

At Coulee Montessori and Northside Elementary Schools we have a great

team of staff members here to assist our students and families.


Laura Huber, Principal (608)789-6700

Larry McMahon, Dean of Students  (608)789-6761

Beth Hartung, Community School Coordinator (608)789-6780

Melani Fay, School Guidance Counselor (608)789-6747

Heather Gartner, Social Work/Counselor (608)789-6739

Leah Braunschweig, School Psychologist  (608)789-6705

Deborah Dobrunz,Neighborhood Social Worker (608)792-1738

Click HERE for more information on the La Crosse School District’s pupil services.

Northside Elementary and Coulee Montessori are pleased to have the support of Neighborhood Social Workers!  They support the Lower Northside Depot and Logan North neighborhoods with short term family stabilization, problem-solving, and crisis avoidance.  Please call or email Deb or Isaac for an appointment.