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COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines


LA CROSSE, Wis., (May 2, 2022) – La Crosse County moved into the medium category under the CDC’s new risk assessment framework. We saw a rise in positive cases in our school district as well with 24 cases last week in total, 1642 over the course of the school year.

The La Crosse County Health Department informed us that over the last few weeks COVID 19 cases in the community have notably increased from one week to the next and we have also seen a steady increase in percent positivity.

Please remain vigilant, keep your child home if ill, and get tested if showing symptoms. We are looking forward to warmer weather soon and the ability to be outside and open windows more frequently.

As we move towards the end of the school year, let’s all do what we can to minimize the risk to each other.

Thank you for your continued support of our schools,

Aaron J. J. Engel, Ph.D.


School District of La Crosse

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