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COVID updates

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidance

LA CROSSE, Wis., (October 15, 2021) –We are six weeks in and we are very happy to still be learning in person for most students. Many districts around the state have had to close schools or go to every other day in order to address rising COVID cases. We have kept the vast majority of our students learning in person thanks to our mitigation strategies – wearing masks, social distancing, staying home when ill, contact tracing, and quarantine. Thank you for continuing to assist in those efforts!

We are adding drive-up testing sites starting Tuesday to provide a north side and south side testing site each day. You can find those sites and times on the district website.

Case rates have gone down a little this week both in the community and in our schools. Our benchmark case rate is 31.4 which is still high so we will continue to wear masks. Case data in the school district is listed below.

Week of October 6 – October 12

Positive Cases (staff and students): 14 this week, 126 total for the school year

Active Cases (positive cases in isolation as of 10/6): 17 this week

Identified Close Contacts (includes those that are not required to quarantine due to vaccination): 92 this week, 1,154 total for the school year

Quarantined Individuals: 33 this week, 594 total for the school year

We appreciate your partnership in keeping our schools healthy and in person.

Aaron J. J. Engel, Ph.D.


School District of La Crosse