807 East Avenue South | La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601 | 608.789.7600

Guide to Effective Meetings

  • Do seek to understand – and participate:
    • Ask questions for clarification
    • Listen to everyone’s point of view
    • Offer your own point of view
    • Propose new ideas/future agenda items
  • Please remember that we are individuals with personal strengths. Feel free to:
    • Compliment members on their contribution(s)
    • Agree with others
    • Politely disagree
  • Feel free to raise concerns regarding District-wide issues
  • Please refrain from addressing/raising concerns regarding building or classroom specific issues
  • Please use common courtesies (cell phone silent, no side conversations, allow everyone to be heard, etc.)

*If you will miss a meeting, please call the Superintendent’s Office in advance at 789-7628.*