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    1. Philosophy

    We believe that quality communication is necessary for excellence in education to occur.  In the interest of developing quality communication between the district administration and parents, a committee consisting of representatives from each school will be formed to meet with the Superintendent and Associate Superintendent on a regular basis.


    1. Objectives
    2. To provide a system that allows the concerns, questions, and opinions of parents to be brought directly to the Superintendent and Associate Superintendent. Topics may include anything that is related to the District as a whole. No individual schools, staff or student discussion.


    1. To provide a system that allows the Superintendent and Associate Superintendent with an opportunity to share plans, ideas, and concerns directly with parents.


    1. To promote a district-wide perspective regarding educational issues.


    1. Organization
    2. During the month of May, two (2) parent delegates will be selected by the principal or the parent organization of each charter, elementary, middle, and high school in the district to serve during the following year. Two (2) at-large parent delegates may be appointed by the Superintendent’s office. One (1) LEA delegate may be chosen by the LEA President.


    1. The representatives of the various schools will meet monthly (except during June, July and August) throughout the year with the superintendent and/or associate superintendent. However, additional meetings may be scheduled, if warranted.


    1. Meetings will be held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month unless necessary to schedule otherwise. The meetings may be held at the Hogan Administrative Center, various school buildings or virtually decided by the Superintendent.


    1. At the September meeting of each year, officers will be elected by majority vote. Officers will include: chairperson, vice chairperson, and secretary.  When any voting occurs, a majority of the schools must be represented.  Each school and
      at-large delegate will have one vote.  In the event of two or more nominees for one office, a written ballot will be taken with one vote for each school and
      at-large delegate.


    1. Agendas will be posted by the Superintendent’s office. Agenda items may be suggested, in advance, by any committee member.  These items should be brought to the attention of the Superintendent or the chairperson at least one (1) week prior to the meeting.  However, each meeting agenda shall include a time for items to be brought directly for discussion.  The critical criteria for determining the appropriateness of such items will be the degree to which the item has district-wide implications.  Discussions regarding the evaluation of various district employees shall not be allowed.


Revised:  09/07/10