Middle School
510 S. 9th St | La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601 | 608-789-7780 | Fax: 608-789-7181



Date Built: 1923
Date of Addition(s): 1959, 1973, 1991, 1997, 2011 (HVAC), 2014 (Secure Entry)
Overall Site Size: 2.1 Acres
Building: Size: 91,884 square feet
Pupil Capacity: 500 Students
Teaching Stations (36) which include:
Computer Labs (3)
English Limited Learning (1)
Tech Ed Rooms (2)
Family & Consumer Education Rooms (2)
Art Classrooms (2)
Special Education Rooms (3)
Gymnasiums (2)
Playground (1)
Stage Classroom (1)
Teacher Offices (6)
Exceptional Education Rooms (4)
Library Media Center (1)
Art Gallery (1)
Auditorium (1) with capacity of 415
Gymnasiums (2)
Food Preparation Center (1)
Lunchroom (1)
Conference Rooms (2)
Administration & Guidance Offices (6)
Teachers Lounge (1)
Food Pantry (1)
Parking Lot Capacity: N/A
Handicap Parking (2)

All students will learn at high levels.


We have established these guiding principles as a means of personal reflection and shared purpose to guide us in serving our students:
(1) We will develop instructional strategies that utilize various resources which will promote active involvement of students, provide for varied experiences, as well as individual abilities and talents.
(2) We will assist each student in their transition to and during their middle years and beyond by providing appropriate instruction, monitoring student progress, and offering guidance and support services for student’s individual needs.
(3) We will model the importance of life-long learning through our ongoing professional development.
(4) We will collaborate with one another to create conditions that provide educational equity and promote student success.
(5) We will act in a professional manner with integrity and honesty and will develop relationships characterized by caring and respect.
(6) We will provide a supportive school atmosphere where everyone feels emotionally, physically, and intellectually safe.
(7) We will hold and model expectations for student achievement and character, and will guide students to make responsible choices for their lives and learning process.
(8) We will care for our physical environment and school property and will expect the same of students.
(9) We will communicate with parents and each other about students and will encourage parents to be positively involved in their children’s education.