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Grade: 7-8

8th Grade Coaches:

Brad Skaer

Ben Melke

7th Grade Coaches:

Scott Grade     608-789-6615

Courtney Vail       608-789-6632


Sign Up: Online prior to start of season
First Day of Practice: January 2
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School Year Practices:

Every school day beginning Monday, January 2 after school until 4:30pm in the Lincoln gymnasiums (with the exception of non-school days). Students are bused to and from away games. A “DECLINE OF TRANSPORTATION” form is required if students want to ride home with a parent from away games.  There is no practice on early release or non-school days.






FEBRUARY 23 -V- LONGFELLOW:  In the last game of the season, the 7th grade team traveled to Longfellow.  The B team lost but were led by Malissa Hawkins and Kylee Zeeb.  Samantha Vandermolen received the Windex Award for the most rebounds.  Anna Whitford Hawkins led the team in steals.  The A team hung in there for three quarters but ended up with a loss.  Kayla Holman led all scorers with 7 points, followed by Cora Hansen with 6 and Sophie Hannum with 2.  The coaches are proud of the improvement shown during the season and the never give up attitude displayed by our athletes.

FEBRUARY 21 -V- GET:  The 7th grade B team lost 21-4 and were led by Anna Whitford-Hawkins and Sydney Lockley with 2 points each.  The A team lost 37-20 to a very good GET squad.  All six of the girls scored.  Sophie Hannum had 5 to lead the way. Kayla Holman and Kalli Knoble had 4 points each.  Maggie Hannum with 3, Cora Hansen and Elixabeth Ammann 2.

FEBRUARY 16 -V- WINONA:  The 7th grade team was in action against Winona.  Lincoln won 44-20 with three girls in double figures socring. Sophie Hannum had 16 points, followed by Cora Hansen and Kayla Holman with 14 and 13 respectively.  Our next game is -v- GET at home.

FEBRUARY 14 -V- HOLMEN:  The 8th grade girls basketball team lost a competitive game last evening against Holmen. Leading the way in the up tempo basketball game was Ellie Dingel with 14 points and 5 rebounds. Kendra Royer had a strong performance putting up 3 points while grabbing 13 rebounds. Aaliya Bowman anchored the middle with 6 points, 8 rebounds and 5 blocks. Anesa Patraw played determined basketball scoring 2 points while ripping down 7 rebounds. Cece Compan continued her sharp shooting from the outside making a 3 point shot. Emily Starch had 1 rebound.   The 7th grade girls traveled to Holmen. The B team lost a tough match but continue to show improvement.  Anna Whitford-Hawkins, Sam Vandermolen, Kylee Zeeb..just keep getting better.  The A team also lost to Holmen 44-12. Cora Hansen showed some good low post moves, while Kayla Holman continues to pound the boards.  Maggie Hannun, Sophie Hannum, and Elisabeth Amann continue to put pressure on the offense.  Keep up the good work ladies.  Next up, the girls will play the Winona Winhawks this Thursday. The 7th grade will play at 4:00 followed by the 8th grade game at 5:00. Go Cougars!

FEBRUARY 7 -V- ONALASKA:  The 8th grade Cougars defeated the Onalaska Hilltoppers 39 – 19 on Thursday night. Aaliyah Bowman was dominate putting up 16 points and grabbing 13 rebounds. Ellie Dingel willed her way to 14 points and 9 rebounds. Kendra Royer played aggressively on both ends of the court scoring 9 points and getting 9 rebounds. Defensively, Emily Starch and Madison Mauss played incredible team defense allowing little dribble penetration. Next up, the girls will travel to Holmen to take on a the Vikings what should be an exciting basketball game. Go Cougars!  The 7th grade girls B team lost a close game 17-19. Kalli Knoble led the team with 7 points, while ella Lysne added 4.  The A team also lost a very good Onalaska team 13-28. Sophie Hannum had 6 points to lead the team, while sister Maggie Hannum had 4, followed by Cora Hansen with 3.  The teams played hard and never gave up. Keep up the good work!

FEBRUARY 7 -V- TOMAH:  The 8th grade girls basketball team dropped a tough basketball game against the Tomah Timberwolves last night. Ellie Dingel led the way with 6 points and 4 rebounds. Alaysia Jones had a solid performance putting up 4 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. Aaliyah Bowman scored 4 points and had 5 rebounds on the night. Kendra Royer contributed 7 rebounds and 1 steal. Anesa Patraw worked hard on the glass all night getting 5 rebounds.  The 7th grade B team lost a very close game in overtime 16-18.  Kalli Knoble had 6 points to lead the team in scoring, while Anna Whitford-Hawkins chipped in 4.  Codi Strong, Malissa Hawkins and Ella Lysne also added to the scoring. The A team got their first victory last night in a close game 22-18. Maggie Hannum and Kayla Holman led the team with 6 points each, followed by Sophie Hannum with 4.  Way to go girls. Keep working on that form shooting. Next up, for the Lincoln girls will travel to Onalaska. Go Cougars!

JANUARY 19 -V- LOGAN MIDDLE:  The 7th Grade girls basketball team played Logan Middle and lost a close one 28-29 by one point.  They were led by Kallie Knoble with 9 points, Haley Edwards had 6 points, followed by Kylee Zeeb and Kate Wavra with 4 each.  The 7th grade A team also lost but never game up, playing hard the entire game.  They were led in scoring by Maggie Hannum with 8 points, followed by her sister Sophie Hannum with 4. Cora Hansen also chipped in 4 points.  Our next game is at home on Tuesday against West Salem.

JANUARY 24 -V- WEST SALEM:   The 7th grade girls were in action against West Salem. The B team lost to a very good Panther team. They were led by Haley Edwards with 8 points. Malissa Hawkins and Anna Whiteford-Hawkins each scored 2 apiece.  The 7th grade A team fought hard but came up short. They were led in scoring by Cora Hansen with 5 points, Sophie Hannum with 4, and Kayla Holmen added 3.  The 8th grade Lincoln Cougars lost a hard fought basketball contest against the West Salem Panthers on Tuesday night. Ellie Dingel led the way with 6 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals. Aaliyah Bowman also had a strong game with 6 points and 9 rebounds. Kendra Royer chipped in 2 points and 4 rebounds.

JANUARY 26 -V- WEST SALEM:  The 7th grade A team took on Aquinas and won the game 38-18.  Lincoln was led in scoring by Kayla Holmen with 8 points. Elizabeth Amman chipped in 4 points. Hustle Award goes out to the Hannum sisters.   Behind a strong defensive front, the 8th grade Lincoln Cougars defeated the Aquinas Bluegolds 33 – 18. Aaliyah Bowman was dominate underneath putting up 10 points and grabbing 14 rebounds. Ellie Dingle controlled the tempo of the game scoring 16 points and getting 5 rebounds. Alaysia Jones proved to be a spark plug off the bench knocking down 2 field goals. CeCe Compam connected on a 3 point basket while snagging 4 steals. Anesa Patraw had 7 rebounds. Next up the Lincoln Cougars will face off against Longfellow on Monday night. Go Cougars!

JANUARY 30 -V- LONGFELLOW:  The 8th grade Lincoln Cougars dropped a hard fought basketball game with Longfellow last night 26-31. Ellie Dingel had another strong performance with 16 points and 9 rebounds. Aaliyah Bowman was also impressive with 10 points and 14 rebounds. CeCe Compam contributed 5 rebounds and 3 steals. The 7th grade girls were in action against Longfellow.  The B team lost 10-26 but put up a good effort. Kylee Zeeb led the team with 4 points.  The A team lost a close one 19-24. Kayla Holman had 8 points followed by Cora Hansen with 4.

JANUARY 31 -V- WESTBY:  The 8th grade Lincoln Cougars defeated the Westby Norseman on Tuesday night. The Cougars defense continues to give opposing teams fits allowing only 16 points in the victory.  Aaliyah Bowman continued her torrid scoring pace with 10 points. Ellie Dingel chipped in 4 points while Kendra Royer had 3 points. The 7th grade B team lost 8-20 but put up a good fidht. Kalli Knoble led the team with 4 points. The A team lost a heartbreaker in overtime 33-34.  Sophie Hannum and Macey Zielke had 8 points a piece to lead the team in scoring.  Maggie Hannum added 5 points.  The team was 10-22 from the free throw line. Way to go girls!  The Cougars will be traveling to Sparta next, which should be an exciting game! Go Cougars!

FEBRUARY 2 -V- SPARTA:  The 8th grade girls team dropped a hard fought basketball game against the Sparta Spartans last night. The cougars were led by a balancing scoring attack. Aaliyah Bowman had 6 points and a team high 12 rebounds. Alaysia Jones  had 6 points and 7 rebounds. Ellie Dingel played assertive while scoring 4 points and getting 9 rebounds. Kendra Royer and CeCe Compam had 2 points apiece to round out the scoring effort.  The -7th grade B team lost a close game but put 15 points on the scoreboard.  Sydney Lockley had a 4 point night followed by Anna Whitford-Hawkins and Kalli Knoble with 3.  The A team also lost but to an undefeated Sparta team.  They were led in scoring by Cora Hanesn and Macey Zielke.  The Cougars next game will be against the Tomah Timberwolves this Tuesday at Lincoln. Go Cougars!