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2016-2017 BOYS TENNIS

Grades: 6-8

Head Coach: Pheng Lo (

Assistant Coach: Sarah Vach


Sign Up: Online prior to start of season
First Day of Practice: April 3
(To sign up online click HERE)

Practice begins on April 3 and are every day after school until 4:30pm at Forest Hills Tennis Courts (with the exception of non-school days). Students are bused only to Forest Hills for practices and home games on Route Bus #57 which leaves immediately after school. Students should board Route Bus #40 after school (parent pick up at Forest Hills afterward). Students are bused to and from away games.  A “DECLINE OF TRANSPORTATION” form is required if students want to ride home with a parent from away games.



2015-2016 TENNIS NEWS


May 23 Conference: Results from conference were as follow: Conference champions were Ian Hofland, Peter Fleming and Russell Heise. They were undefeated for the season. Double #2 Max Roswall and Joseph Krueger took 2nd place. Taking 3rd places were single #3 Kenny Mach, double #1 Grant. Grant Amundson/Zach Acklin and double #3 Daniel Baggett/Matthew Krueger. Overall, Lincoln took 2nd behind Onalaska. What was a great season!

May 19 vs Aquinas:  Perfect weather for tennis. However, the meet had to wait for an hour and twenty minutes for the high schools to finished their conference’s matches. When all set and done Lincoln was able to come on top 4-3. Winners were Ian Hofland 8-1, Peter Fleming 8-2, Russell Heise 8-0 and Grant Amundson/Max Roswall 8-6.

May 17 vs Tomah:  Wow! Another close meet. Lincoln managed to pull through with a win 4-3. Winners were Ian Hofland 8-2, Peter Fleming 8-4, Kenny Mach 8-1 and Max Roswall/Joseph Krueger 8-6.


May 16 vs Tomah:  Tennis results from last evening. Lincoln won the meet 5-0.  Winners were Ian Hofland 8-0, Peter Fleming 8-0, Kenny Mach 8-1, Russell Heise 8-0 and Vincent Tooke/Joseph Endrizzi 8-2.
May 12 vs Onalaska:  It was a nail bitter. Lincoln was ahead after the singles 3-0. While Kenny Mach was ahead 6-5, he slipped and fell. He took a time out working on his leg. He tried to finish his match, but the pain was too much. He couldn’t finish his match. He retired at 7-8. Lincoln needed one win from the doubles. So it boiled down to double #2 Max Roswall/Joseph Krueger who were down 7-8 and saved 2 match points to tie 8-8. The meet had to decided by a tiebreaker; however, Lincoln came in short. Therefore, Lincoln lost the meet 3-4. Winners were Ian Hofland 8-3, Peter Fleming 8-2 and Russell Heise 8-4.

May 2 vs Aquinas: Lincoln played well winning the meet (6-1). Single winners were Ian Hofland (8-0), Peter Fleming (8-2), Kenny Mach (8-0), Russel Heise (8-1). Double winners were Grant Amundson/Zach Acklin (8-0) and Max Roswall/Joseph Krueger (8-0). Exhibition winners included Joseph Endrizzi/Eli Carr (6-2) and Clayton Rauch/Vincent Tooke (6-2).

April 26 vs Tomah: First of all, thank you single players Ian Hofland, Peter Fleming, Kenny Mach and Russell Heise for their great sportsmanship in stepping down against the young Tomah players to allow other Lincoln players to step up and play against Tomah. So in place of our regular lineup, Grant Amundson played as #1 singles and won (8-0), #2 Joseph Endrizzi (8-2) and #3 Danny Baggett (8-1). Doubles winners included Max Roswall/Zach Acklin (8-0) and Clayton Rauch/Eli Carr (8-0). Lincoln won the meet (7-0). Great job players of stepping up to the challenge!

April 21 vs Longfellow:  Perfect weather for tennis! Lincoln boys opened its tennis season against Longfellow last evening. Lincoln was flawless on the attack taking care of Longfellow by the score of (7-0). Singles winner were Ian Hofland (8-0), Peter Fleming (8-0), Russel Heise (8-0) and Grant Amundson (8-0). Doubles winner were Max Roswall/Joseph Krueger (8-5), Danny Baggett/Mathew Krueger (8-0) and Clayton Rauch/Eli Carr (8-0). Exhibitions winner included Willy Waters/Adam Vue (6-1) and Aesop Lorenz/Vincent Tooke (6-3). Excellent Start!!