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2019-2020 GIRLS TENNIS


Grades: 6-8

Head Coach:

Sign Up: Online prior to start of season

After School Meeting September 3 in LMC @ 2:45-3:15
First Day of Practice: September 4 after school at Forest Hills
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School year practices will begin on September 4 after school from 2:45pm-4:30pm at Forest Hills. Students are bused only to Forest Hills for practices and home games (parent pick up at Forest Hills afterward). Students are bused only to Forest Hills for practices and home games which leaves immediately after school. Students are bused to and from away games.  A “DECLINE OF TRANSPORTATION” form is required if students want to ride home with a parent from away games.


2020-21 ROSTER

Bosshard, Brynn

Domroese, Elise

Glaus, Melina

Jespersen, Gretchen

Nustad, Ella

Schroeder, Hadley

Stanley, Rosemary

Thomson, Brooke

Zellner, Meredith




2019-2020 TENNIS NEWS


10/17/19 Conference: The weather was perfect for tennis. Most players were excited to be outside playing tennis for half of a day. Lincoln/Logan had no players seeding a bye for the 1st round. So every player had to play right away in the 1st round. After the 1st round,  Allison Culp, Lillian Bouzek, Harper Rees and Madeline Loh won and moved onto 2nd round.  All matches were lost and had to play for third.  So taking  3rd were Allison Culp and Lillian Bouzek.   All in all, Lincoln/Logan took 4th at the conference.  Conference Champs was Aquinas followed by Onalaska.

10/15/19 vs Longfellow: It was the last meeting to close out the season. Coach believes the meet will propel players with confidence heading to the Three Rivers Conference on Thursday. It was cold, and the players’ hands were freezing. However, Lincoln/Logan had a mission in mind. The players wanted to finish the season with a high note.  Players did and won the meet 5-2. Single winners were Allison Culp 8-1; Sarah Ojelabi 8-3 and Bryn Moore 8-1. Double winners were Harper Rees/Madeline Loh 8-5 and Ella Nustad/Aya Klein 8-4. Exhibition winner included Zali Stanton and Joda Burnham 6-0.

09/30/19 vs Aquinas:  Much improved from the last meeting. Lincoln/Logan players fought for every game and many games went to duces.  It was just hard to overcome those important points. All in all, most players had a much cleaner and solid ball contacted on their rockets this time around. However, Lincoln/Logan still came in the short end. Lost the meet to a good team 0-7. Up next is tonight, if the weather hold, meet against Longfellow at Forest Hills.

9/24/19-V-AQUINASLincoln/Logan had a meet last evening against Aquinas. It was challenged to play against good players. Lincoln/Logan never gave up and played their best; however, their best wasn’t good enough and lost the meet 6-1. The only winner was 3rd double Sophie Wenger and Maggie Engen in a tiebreaker 9-8. No Practice today.


9/20/19-V-LONGFELLOWLincoln/Logan had make-up meet against Longfellow Friday evening. It was a great meet. Both teams had similar skills and players. Both fought hard and had many close matches. All in all, Lincoln/Logan came on top. Won the meet 5-2. Single winners were Allison Culp, Lillian Bouzek and Sarah Ojelabi. Double winners were Harper Rees and Madeline Loh and Ella Nustad and Sophie Wenger. Exhibition winner included Katherine Caucutt and Sunshine Bott-Sprain.


9/19/19-V-ONALASKALincoln/Logan had a meet last evening. The girls played hard and ran after every ball. They showed great potential for the season. It just that they played a great Onalaska team. All in all, Lincoln/Logan came up in the short end. Lost to Onalaska (0-7). Make-up meets against Longfellow at Forest Hills today.


9/17/19 -V-TOMAH:  Excellent weather! The first meeting of the season. Lincoln/Logan played their hardest and put forth their best efforts ran after every ball; still came up short (1-6). The outcome of the meet was lopsided. However, many of the matches were very close.  Also, many of the games went to duces. Winner was double #3 Sophie Wenger and Maggie Engen (8-5). Coach Lo was very proud of the team’s attitudes and sportsmanship. We will get back to the courts and be ready to take on Onalaska Thursday.




10/03/19 vs Tomah:  Brrr! It was cold. Lincoln/Logan had a meet against Tomah last evening. Both teams played their best and had fun. It was a close meet. Overall Lincoln/Logan won the meet 4-3. Single winners were Alison Culp 8-6 and Sarah Ojelabi 8-2. Double winners were Harper Rees and Madeline Loh 8-4 and Ella Nustad and Aya Klein 8-4. Another match worth talking about was Sophie Wenger and Maggie Engen who lost in a heart breaker tie-breaker 5-7.


10/08/2019 vs Onalaska: Lincoln/Logan had a meet last evening against Onalaska. It was pretty windy and tennis balls were flying everywhere. Once again more and more players were making great improvements in many areas such as serves, returns and anticipate where to attack the balls. Most matches were one-sided. Onalaska players started to pull away accepted for Alison Culp’s match where she was leading 5-3. However, ended up losing the match 7-9. So all in all, Lincoln/Logan lost the meet 0-7. Up next is a make-up meet against Longfellow Tuesday, October 15 at Forest Hills.



20-21 ROSTER

Brynn Bosshard

Elise Domroese

Melina Glaus

Gretchen Jespersen

Ella Nustad

Hadley Schroeder

Rosemary Stanley

Brooke Thomson

Meredith Zellner