Middle School
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Grades: 7-8


7th Grade Head Coach:

Scott Bagniefski –


8th Grade Head Coach:  Melissa Norman



Assistant Coach:  Michael Miller


Sign Up: Online prior to start of season
First Day of Practice: September 4
(To sign up online click HERE)


School Year Practices:
Every school day beginning September 4 after school until 4:30pm in the Lincoln gymnasiums. Please make arrangements to have your child picked up at 4:30. Games musually last about 90 minutes with the B team playing first and then the A team. Students are bussed to and from away games. A “DECLINE OF TRANSPORTATION” form is required if students want to ride home with a parent from away games. There is no practice on early release or non-school days.





9/19/17 -V- TOMAH:  The 7th grade volleyball team kicked off their season by traveling to Tomah. The team played extremely well with good serving, winning 4 of 6 games. Players of the night include Lydia Tully (who served 9 straight points), Nadia Nguyen, and Taya Schraith. Their first home match is Thursday against Sparta.

9/21/17 -V- SPARTA:  Thanks to all the fans that came out to cheer on our volleyball team tonight, it was great to hear all the students cheering in the crowd for our girls. The 8th grade girls volleyball teams played super hard last night, the B team lost to Sparta but had some close volley’s and made some big plays.  Sadie served for a total of 9 points with 5 aces and one kill, Sam had 3 aces 1 kill and 1 dig.  Great job B Team! The A-team battled back after splitting the first two games but ended up falling short in the third game.  Throughout the entire match all the girls contributed and made big plays, I am so proud of this group of girls coming together as athletes.  Anna finished the night with 5 kills and 1 dig, Macy and Kylee both had 5 aces, and Natalie contributed 4 aces and 4 kills and Elizabeth served 4 aces as well.  Great job by all ladies! The seventh grade volleyball team showed great hustle the entire match as they battled a tough Sparta team for their first home match of the season. There was a great crowd watching the team as many family members were in attendance. The team won 2 of 6 games on the night. Many players are learning and making great improvements in their play. Madelyn Wilson did an outstanding job serving along with MacKenzie Schauf, and Keyamonie Thomas.

9/26/17 -V- LONGFELLOW:  The 8th Grade Girls B Team Defeated Longfellow last night 2-1, the girls all played great and had excellent serves.  Ashari served for 14 points during the first game and Angel contributed 11 points during the last two games.  Emmi showed great anticipation and covered excellent on defense.  The 8th Grade Girls A Team lost to Longfellow, but they looked like an amazing group of players running a solid offense.  I can’t wait to build on that moment for our matches next week. Kylee had 5 service points, 3 aces, 1 assist and Anna had 2 Assists and 1 big dig.  Great work tonight girls. The 7th grade volleyball team keeps improving as they took on Longfellow last night. The girls lost 3 really close games but played very well. The highlight of the match came in game 6 when the team rallied to a 25-20 win. Players of the night include Maria-Sofia Andonova, MacKenzie Schauf,  Katie Trussoni, and Ellie Kirchner.

10/2/17 -V- LOGAN: 7th grade volleyball team traveled to Logan Middle School to take on the Panthers. Lincoln had a tough start to the match as they struggled a bit getting their serves in but played hard the entire match and improved their overall play during each game to play a great game 6. Servers of the night were Kylah Berkley, Anna Franz who served 9 straight points, and Katie Trussoni. The team has to bounce back today as they play West Salem at Lincoln 4:00pm.  The 8th Grade volleyball team also traveled to Logan Middle School.  The B Team dominated and won the match.  The girls had 13 Set-ups where everyone contributed.  Sam Vandermolen finished the night with 1 Ace and 4 kills and Jada Hartley had 4 kills as well.  All three games were exciting to watch, way to go ladies.  The A team split the first two games and battled it out during the third but lost 23-25.  With that said the girl’s documented 25 set-ups, with 10 kills.  Cora Hansen finished the night with 3 aces, 3 assists and 3 kills and Macy Zielke and Anna  Whitford-Hawkins both contributing three big kills.  Way to go ladies, it is so much fun watching you all play.  We hope to see you tonight at Lincoln as we compete against West Salem.

10/3/17 -V- WEST SALEM:  The Lincoln 7th grade volleyball team played their best volleyball of the year so far against West Salem yesterday. The team won their first 3 games with tremendous serving and communication on the court. The team played great in games 4-6 and lost 2 really close games. Players of the night were Ava Scholl, Katie Trussoni (who actually made a basket on the other side of the court with a tough hit), and Eliana Wicks. Thanks to all of the fans that came to support our 8th grade players, it was so exciting to see so many fans. The B-team swept the Panthers and won all three games, they worked to set up the ball and did a great job communicating.  Players of the game were Aysya McCloud for a super positive attitude and being so supportive of your teammates and Emme she had a huge spike and the sheer joy that swept across your face was fun to watch.  The A team have worked hard to perfect their 6-2 offense and trust their setters.  When we play teams it makes me full of pride to see our girls becoming proficient at the offense that high schools teams are running.  The players of the game are Melissa Hawkins, Cece Bonzak and Sydney Lokkle for their endless defensive play, working to get the ball up to the setter with precision.

10/7/17 -V- WINONA: 7th grade volleyball team played great yesterday against Winona. They keep improving and getting better with each game. There were some dramatic volleys in games 4 & 6. Players of the night were Lydia Tully who served 8 straight points in game 3, Ava Lillejord, Eliana Wicks, Abby Marx, and Kylah Berkley who has an amazing overhand serve. Great job 8th grade volleyball team.  All girls worked hard and had amazing serves, way to go! Players of the games were, CeCe Bouzek and Sydney Lockle, Sadie and Sam.

10/9/17 -V- HOLMEN:  7th Grade volleyball team continues to improve in all phases of the game as they battled Holmen yesterday. They won the first three games of the night by with great serving, communication, and volleys. Players of the night were Anna Franz, Caroline Pohnl, Rebecca Ihrke, & Keyamonie Thomas. Reminder that there is no practice today due to Parent-Teacher conferences.

10/17/17 -V- AQUINAS:  7th grade volleyball team battled Aquinas last night for their last home match of the season. Though they started a little slow, they got better as the games went on. The girls hustled & showed a lot of heart all night long. Players of the night were Katie Trussoni, Taya Schraith, Lydia Tully, Ava Lillejord, & Ellie Kirchner. Today is the volleyball pizza party from 3-4pm. All volleyball players should meet in the gym after school.

10/19/17 -V- WESTBY: 7th grade volleyball team ended their season last night against Westby and had some really exciting volleys. Coach Bagniefski wants to thank the girls for a really fun and enjoyable season. Players of the night were Ava Scholl, Caroline Pohnl, Madelyn Wilson, Eliana Wicks, Lydia Tully, and Rebecca Ihrke.