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The LSM PTO is sponsoring our 2nd annual March Calendar Raffle! Raffle tickets are only $10 and daily cash prizes will be drawn starting March 1st. Each ticket purchased has a chance to win 31 separate prizes, ranging from $20 to the grand prize of $500 on St. Patrick’s Day!! There are also other larger prizes like $75 on Mr. Check’s birthday and $100 on the last day of March. There will be a total of $1,700 in prizes given away!

NEW THIS YEAR! This year we are adding and extra drawing in December. Anyone who has purchased tickets by December 23rd, will be eligible for a special early bird drawing that day. The lucky winner on December 23rd will receive $200!! So get your tickets purchased early!

Ticket sales have already begun! Tickets are being sold in the office every day during school hours until they are gone. Only 500 tickets will be sold, so stop in the office to purchase yours before they run out!! Families are encouraged to purchase bundles of 5 or 10 to sell to family and friends if they are able. Unsold tickets can be returned to the office by Wednesday, February 24th for a refund. All ticket stubs MUST be returned to the office no later than Friday, February 26th for entry in the raffle. (Those buying tickets for personal use can fill out their stubs at the time of purchase.)

Daily winners will be announced on Lincoln’s website and cash prizes can be picked up in the school office. PTO officers will also contact winners of unclaimed prizes to notify them. All proceeds from the raffle will be used to support Lincoln/SOTA II/Coullee Montessori students and programs. Support our school by buying a raffle ticket and you could be the lucky winner of $20-$500!

Thank you for our support!


March 1:  Michelle Bogge

March 2:  Lisa Sauer

March 3:  Lisa Peterson

March 4:  Katherine Lyman

March 5:  Stephanie Whitford-Hawkins

March 6: Jesse Emlet

March 7:  Deb Trussoni

March 8:  Stephanie Whitford-Hawkins

March 9:  Katherine Lyman

March 10:  Jesse Emlet

March 11:  Adam Heffernan

March 12:  John Heath

March 13:  Jenifer Christensen

March 14:  Pam Strittmater

March 15:  Kat Caucutt

March 16:  Carolyn Heath

March 17:  Jesse Emlet

March 18:  Jesse Emlet

March 19:  Shealyn Bahr

March 20:  Mike Caucutt

March 21:  Erin  Hoy

March 22:  Paula Johnson

March 23:  Jason Bahr

March 24:  Roxie Theisen

March 25:  Lisa Sauer

March 26:  Dale Swenson

March 27: John Heath

March 28:  Patricia Morrison

March 29:  Elizabeth Caucutt

March 30:  Laura Arndt

March 31:  Laura Wateski


Greetings Lincoln/Montesorri/SOTA II Families: We would like to introduce a new fundraising opportunity to raise much needed money for our school. We will be offering Kwik Trip gift cards to purchase gas and ANYTHING else you can buy at Kwik Trip. Kwik Trip will give our PTO 10% of every gift card we purchase. The gift cards are offered in amounts of $100, $50, or $20. This has a HUGE profit potential for our PTO but we do not know how long Kwik Trip will be offering it. We hope to take advantage of this generous opportunity! There will be 2 ways to order/purchase your gift cards: 1. The PTO will have a table at Parent/Teacher Conferences and other school events such as concerts and some athletic events where you can either place an order for cards or purchase cards we have already bought. An email will be sent out announcing & reminding you of when the tables will be available. 2. You may purchase up Kwik Trip gift cards in the school office. These cards not only can be used for our own necessities to purchase items we would ordinarily buy anyway, but also make great gifts as the holidays approach to show appreciation for teachers, coaches, bus drivers, anyone really!! Any questions, please email me at With Sincere Thanks, Dawn Popp