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How Can I Help?

A Guide For Parent Volunteers At Lincoln/SOTA II/Coulee Montessori

Middle school students often seem so much more independent than elementary school students that some parents just aren’t sure if there are any things that they could do to help out at their child’s new school. Here are some suggestions to consider if this scenario applies to you:

~ Your $10.00 PTO membership is used to provide classroom necessities that the teachers could not otherwise afford, so you are helping the school even if you can’t come to any meetings.

                                                        LSM PTO Officers for 2018-2019
                                    President – Trista Treglowne (
                                    Vice President – Kristen Morgan (
                                    Secretary – Laura Olson (
                                    Co-Treasurers – Angi Strangman (
                                                           and Jen Masewicz (
                                    District Wide Parent Representative – Laura Olson (
       ** Lincoln still has one more opening for DWP Representative. PTO will ask for volunteers in the fall.

~ Let us know if you have a special talent you are willing to share (for example, volunteers with good sewing skills might help the family/consumer education teacher).

~ Let us know if you have an area of expertise (for example, parents with English literature or teaching backgrounds might help lead a student group studying novels for the “Great Books” program).

~ Some classes discuss foreign cultures: let us know if you have experiences from another country and might be willing to share your time discussing this with a class.

~ After-school clubs such as Outdoor Adventures benefit from extra adult supervision: check out the choices for clubs this year and we can let the teacher supervisor know if you would like to help out.

~ Lincoln has a Cougar Cabinet where donations of food, clothing, school supplies, etc. are available for student families in need of this service. Donations can be as simple as paper grocery bags and are always welcome. Contact the school office for more information.

~ Box Tops, Kemps Milk Tops, and Milk Moola can be sent in to your child’s classroom or the school office.

~ Parents provide food for the teachers during parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring: we would love to add your name to the list if you are willing to bring in a salad or dessert on those days.

Although it is certainly not necessary to volunteer at all, Lincoln gratefully welcomes you to share any of your time or talent. An approved district volunteer form must be completed in advance at