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All school events are located on the school website calendar.


2019-2020 DAY SCHEDULE




Student schedules and locker combinations are given to students during Open House.  Additional copies will again be given to students on the first day of school if misplaced.  Only students new to the district must pre-register.  Students are not to give out locker combinations or share lockers.  Students are reminded to hang backpacks on the back hooks of lockers to avoid jamming. Valid requests for schedule changes may be made during the week of September 10-14. Requests are not guaranteed and will be based upon the individual request, class size, etc.  A Schedule Change Form  with all appropriate signatures should be turned in to the office.  Students are to remain with their current schedule until a Guidance Counselor gives them a new one.  Students will receive schedules and locker information at Open House.



Students will pay fees listed below if they are enrolled in the following classes.  Do not send the fee until instructed to do so by the classroom teacher.

7th Grade Family and Technology Fee: $5.00

8th Grade Teens by Design: $15.00

8th Grade Healthy Living $5.00

8th Grade Exploring Technology: $10.00

8th Grade Construction & Manufacturing: $5.00

Please issue separate checks for school fees and any other school payments (ie: field trips, school meals, etc).



Non-custodial parents may request copies of report cards and mailings by contacting the school office at 789-7780.



RITEWAY BUS:   608-881-6370

If you have any questions regarding bussing or need help with a bus issue, parents are encouraged to contact Riteway Bus at 608-881-6370.

Student Conduct on Buses and other transportation follows school behavior rules. See Policy 4430.2.


·         Bus pick up and drop off on Ferry Street

·         Parents pick up and drop off on 9th Street or Division Streets.

·         Please coordinate with your student on the location selected.

·         For student pickup during the school day, parents may use 9th Street.




·         Pull up as far as possible on 9th Street, drop off your student(s) and then exit back onto 9th Street slowly, watching for children (whose parent/guardian made them walk thru traffic).

·         DO NOT make your child walk through traffic.

·         Exit vehicle on to the sidewalk.

·         DO NOT double park.

·         DO NOT block intersections or cross walks

·         DO NOT PARK on 9th Street between 7:00 am and 7:35 am.



Becoming a member is a great way to get involved with the Lincoln school community. For this organization to succeed, we need financial support. The goal of the PTO is to continue to support Lincoln classrooms and co-curricular needs.

The annual PTO membership is $10.  You may join the PTO by completing the form included in your summer mailing. Other PTO information is found on our website.



Families are mailed a packet of information to be turned in at Open House.

Be sure to complete these forms.

Enrollment Information (provides family and student emergency contact information to school staff)

Medical Information (provides student medical information for health needs)

Co-Curricular Registration (online registration for athletics)



Lincoln has a full-time Health Assistant and an emergency response team.

Please refer to the District School Health webpage for detailed health information for parents and health forms.

When necessary for your child to take medication follow these guidelines:

Medication Forms:

Fax orders from a physician to 608-789-7181.

Prescription Medication:

•Must have written consent signatures by both a parent and a physician on the Medication Form.

•Must be in a current, properly labeled prescription bottle.

•Students may not carry medications in school.  (Exception:  Asthma inhalers may be carried with appropriate written consent from a physician on the Medication Form).

Non-Prescription Medication:

•Must have written consent from parents on the Medication Form, indicating the exact instructions for administration; such as name of drug, amount to be given, and how often it is to be given.

•Medication must be in its original container.

Changes in Order:

•When changes in the original medication order occur, they must be sent to school in its original container.

Any Questions:

Please contact Health Assistant at 789-6605 or the school office with any questions.



The safety of our students and staff is a priority to us. As a result, our school participates in a variety of safety drills throughout the school year. From time to time, you may receive safety-related messages from the office. The intent is to communicate directly with families the necessary information to help you better understand the version you may hear at home from your student or see on social media. Our goal is to provide timely and accurate information.




·         Breakfast and lunch are served in the Lincoln Cafeteria

·         Some grades may have a brunch offering

·         Students may bring a healthy snack. Due to allergies, we ask that PEANUTS and

other NUTS not come to school

·         Food should NOT be stored in student lockers due to rodent and pest issues


Meal Schedules & Cost:  Meal Menus

Breakfast 7:00am-7:25am & 7th Grade Brunch

Regular Priced      $1.65

Reduced Priced   $0.30

(Students who eat breakfast at Lincoln are to enter through the Ferry Street doors)


8th Grade        11:48pm

7th Grade        12:58am

6th Grade        12:15pm

Regular Priced     $2.90

Reduced Priced   $0.40

Ala Carte:  Ala Carte items are purchased separately (through the student PIN# or cash). Parents who do not wish for their student to make ala carte purchases program can contact the school kitchen or set up via skyward family access.

District School Nutrition Website to access menus, free/reduced application, etc.  Students who qualify for free/reduced meals will be charged full price for ala carte items or second meals.

Families can make meal payments online through Family Access.  Payments are in real time and will immediately post to the student’s nutrition service account.


To Make Payments Online:

•              Visit our district website at

•              Click on the Family/Student Access tab

•              Login to Skyward Family Access (you will need your Login and Password)

•              Use Discover, MasterCard, or VISA (debit or credit card) – card number and expiration date required

Payments at school can be place in the payment box outside the office.



An iPad will be issued to your child at the beginning of each school year and collected at the end of each school year.

Your child has an Apple ID and a Google account for communication purposes. These accounts are issued through the school district’s Google domain under the agreement with the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction that provides for protections of your student’s data and through the account creation and management guidelines of Apple Inc.

When your school determines the time is right based on classroom learning activities, your child will be able to take the iPad home, connect to your home or community access wireless network, and continue his/her learning activities. The device will be filtered through our network systems to provide some level of content protection. While filters are in place, filters are not foolproof so families should monitor use of the iPad.

iPad insurance is $20 each school year. This insurance covers a one-time repair/replacement for the iPad itself.  The cost to repair a cracked iPad screen is approximately $110 and the cost to replace a missing or unusable iPad is $500.

The cost for replacement items:  Case $30, Power Brick $10, Power Cord $10.  A reminder that replacement accessories must be purchased from the school.  NOTE:  A letter indicating any missing or broken items that needed to be replaced is mailed with your end-of-the-year report card for your reference.



School pictures will be taken this year on Monday, August 26th from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.  All students should have photos taken for the yearbook.  Order forms were sent to families in the August mailing, or you may order photo packages online through  Retake photos are scheduled for Friday, October 4 from approximately 7:35am-9:00am.  Any questions please contact Lifetouch at 866-955-8342.



Student schedules and locker combinations are given to students during Open House.  Additional copies will again be given to students on the first day of school if misplaced.   Students are not to give out locker combinations or share lockers.  A Schedule Change Form  for any schedule change with all appropriate signatures should be turned in to the office within 2 weeks of the start of the semester.  Students are to remain with their current schedule until a Guidance Counselor gives them a new one.  Class enrollment numbers will dictate schedule changes.


Students will pay fees listed below if they are enrolled in the following classes.  Do not send the fee until instructed to do so by the classroom teacher. Fees can be paid in the office.

7th Grade Family and Technology Fee: $5.00

8th Grade Teens by Design: $15.00

8th Grade Healthy Living $5.00

8th Grade Exploring Technology: $10.00



Any adult volunteering at school or chaperoning a field trip must have a completed volunteer form on file which includes an approved district Criminal Background Check.  Click HERE to apply.  Please allow two weeks for processing volunteer forms.  Call the school office at 789-7780 if you are unsure whether you are on the volunteer list.



ELL (English Language Learner):  Each year the services vary according to the student need.  Support includes classroom support, resource and supervised study coverage, bilingual translation assistance, and homework assistance.  Native language support is also provided to families as needed.

HPL (High Performance Learning): HPL students at Lincoln participate in many special events such as, Battle of the Books, National History Day Competition, Math/Science Expo, Junior Great Books and Math League Contests. HPL students may also take advanced courses here, at our high schools, or online when appropriate. HPL activities may be incorporated into the regular classroom curriculum.

PUPIL SERVICES:   Lincoln has student service staff consisting of two school counselors, a school psychologist, and a school nurse.  They work as a team with teachers, administrators, and parents to help students get the most out of school.  Some of the duties of this team are to:

LITERACY SPECIALIST:   This person works collaboratively with administration, teachers, students, and parents to coordinate a comprehensive reading/language arts and mathematics programs. In addition, the literacy specialist is involved in team teaching with other teachers, is available to provide learning opportunities in all classrooms in regard to reading/language arts and mathematics.

SPECIAL EDUCATION:  Lincoln/SOTA II/Coulee Montessori offers a comprehensive Special Education program for specific learning disability, emotional behavior disability, intellectual disability, and speech and language services.

HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE:   This “drop in” homework assistance for all students meets after school in the LMC, beginning on Tuesday, September 17.  Homework Club Meeting Dates

SMT (Student Management Team):   A committee made up of staff representation from each grade and charter school at Lincoln.   The goal of SMT is to provide ideas and support for teachers, to allow for monitoring of student needs, to access other interventions, and to act as a pre-screening for special education referrals.




Report cards are posted quarterly in Family Access for online view by parents/guardians.  Families who would like paper report cards mailed home should contact the school office at 789-7780.

Parents need Skyward Family Access to monitor student progress on a daily basis.   Contact the school office if you have misplaced your Skyward username/password.


This grade is based on academic performance of the student on traditional teacher generated assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, presentations, etc.

A = 90%     B = 80%     C = 70%     D = 60%

Responsibility Grades:  The skills of being prepared for class, actively participating, and having good behavior will be graded using a rubric and are separate from the academic performance grade.




Guidance Counselors are available at school to discuss individual needs regarding students.  Counselors at Lincoln are Tanya Vaughn and Rick Blasing.


A member of the Lincoln staff whose role is to assist in supervision of the students, ensure the safety of students and staff, inform students about the juvenile justice code, foster conflict resolution and peer mediation, be available to manage law enforcement issues and lead classroom presentations and discussions.


Our mission is to educate, support, and engage our staff, families, and students on topics and issues of culture, race, and social justice. We strive to provide on-going programs that focus on academic success, students/staff development, advocacy, and community outreach.

The Cultural Liaison Program is designed…

…to support families and students of racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds

…to serve staff and administrators through conversations and presentations on racially and ethnically diverse topics that will enhance the understanding of all

…to be engaged with various cultural initiatives and programming within the La Crosse Community


The gallery gives students a chance to view their own work and other original art works and makes these primary resources accessible to broad audiences in and out of the school building.  Lincoln Art Gallery will exhibit art shows from students in grades 6-8 annually during the school year.  Students have the opportunity to hang exhibits, mail gallery information, use computer skills for graphic work, give tours of the work displayed, and work with professional artists.


Athletics, music and club opportunities are available to students in grades 6-8.   Information, schedules, news and photos are published on our Activities website at  A Sports Physical Form is required every other year for athletics only.  Sports physicals dated after April 1 are good for the following school year.

ATHLETIC ONLINE REGISTRATION:  Parents are asked to complete registration for sports ONLINE.  Register only once for athletics for your child for the school year.  A sports physical form is required to participate.

Fall Sports

Football (grade 7-8)

Boys & Girls Cross Country (grade 6-8)

Girls Volleyball (grade 7-8)

Girls Tennis (grade 6-8)

Golf Club (grade 6-8)

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball (grade 7-8)

Girls Basketball (grade 7-8)

Spring Sports

Boys Tennis (grade 6-8)

Boys & Girls Track (grade 6-8)


Clubs Offered:

Cooking Club (grade 6-8)

Drama Musical Production (grade 6-8)

FBLA (grade 7-8)

FCCLA (grade 7-8)

German Club (grade 7-8)

Outdoor Adventures (grade 6-8)

Student Council (grade 6-8)

World Cultures Club (grade 6-8)

Yearbook Club (grade 6-8)

Music Offered:

Show Choir (grade 7-8)

Jazz Band (grade 7-8)

Holiday Brass (grade 6-8)

Symphonic Band (grade 6-8)

Chamber Orchestra (grade 6-8)

Drama Musical Production (grade 6-8)

*Other clubs may be added if there is enough student interest and an advisor is secured*


Our general philosophy regarding mixers is that this is an opportunity for all of our students to interact with other students.  We do not encourage dating or pairing off for these events. We do, however, expect students to exhibit appropriate social behavior and we guide students toward that goal. It is important to have appropriate school dress for these occasions as well.  Students who have serious school discipline issues may not be allowed to attend mixers.  Mixer dates can be found on the school website in the activity calendar.

Admission Cost:    $3.00

Concessions: Available at varying prices


Lincoln has developed a fund entitled Random Acts of Kindness, through generous donations by the La Crosse Public Education Foundation and others.  This fund is used for items students cannot afford and are needed for success in school. Donations to this fund can be directed to the school office.

LINCOLN “COUGAR CABINET”Items available for students/families include food, clothing, and school supplies.  The Cougar Cabinet is open during school hours. The free outside school pantry is maintained by the school but anyone can provide food items for others.


PBIS (Positive Behavior Intention Supports):  is the program we use to teach all students universal behavior expectations

·         Respect

·         Responsibility

·         Relationship

·         PBIS hosts events throughout the year.  For additional information about our PBIS program please contact              Eric Check, Dean of Students, at 789-6601 or via email at

·         Lincoln Leader Slips are used by any staff to acknowledge students during the year the slips are used for                drawings and raffles. Slips are sent home at the end of the year with report cards.


·         Each month a sixth, seventh, and eighth grade student is selected by their teachers as Students of the Month. These students are recognized for demonstrating leadership qualities, showing compassion for others, displaying good work ethics, being helpful, being respectful, following school rules and being involved in activities outside of the school day.  The students selected are recognized during their lunch period with parent guests, photos placed in display case and on the Lincoln website.  For additional information please contact Dean of Students Eric Check at 789-6601 or via email at




CO-CURRICULAR:  All students involved in or attending co-curricular functions are expected to behave appropriately at Lincoln and events at all other schools.

LOCKERS:  Lockers are school property.  Students should store their personal belongings and school supplies during the school day.  Students do not share lockers or combinations to other students. Keep lockers neat and orderly.  Do not “preset” your locker for easy entry.

PASSES:  Students must have a pass to be in the hallway except during passing time.  Students should ask teachers for a pass.



·         Breakfast and lunch are served in the Lincoln cafeteria.

·         Some grades may have a brunch offering.

·         Students may bring a healthy snack. Due to allergies, we ask that PEANUTS and other NUTS not come to                school.

·         Food should not be stored in student lockers due to rodent and pest issues.



·         With the implementation of student assigned iPads for school use, other than medical necessity, no other              personal electronic devices will be allowed during the school day.  Students may store personal cell phones            in their locker (turned off) for use after school.


·         Bike racks are available on Division Street. Bikes should be walked by students once they reach school                    property.  It is strongly recommended that bicycles be LOCKED UP at the bike racks.  See Mr. Bahr or Mr.                Check if your child is in need of a bike lock.


·         Book bags and athletic bags must remain in hall lockers until 2:45pm per safety concerns.  Trapper Keepers            and zipper binders are popular with middle school students and will hold most items needed for classes.

·         Special arrangements will be made for students in casts, on crutches, or with other special circumstances.



·         It is not advisable to bring large amounts of money or expensive jewelry to school.

·         Keep your hall locker combination confidential.  Always lock your gym locker and your hall locker.  Do not              leave your clothes and school items unattended.

·          Report any missing items to the teacher or office immediately.


·         Skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters may be kept in the lockers.  Please put names on these items.

·         At all times, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, and bikes are to be used off school grounds. School                      grounds include the playground, ramps, steps around the school building, and the sidewalks.

·         The school will not be responsible for the loss of items from your locker.

·         Valuable items should be left at home.

TELEPHONE USE: Students may ask to use a school phone. There is a phone in the office and Commons for necessary calls before and after school. The phone in the Commons is not to be used during the school day. Students are allowed to use personal cell phones before and after school. When students are ill, students should see the health assistant or go to the office before calling parents/guardians. Parents/guardians will receive a call to share information.


Most student discipline incidents referred to the office are made to Mr. Check, Dean of Students.  Mrs. Murray, Principal, will be involved in more serious discipline incidents.  Punishment itself cannot and does not change behavior. However, under certain conditions, appropriate consequences along with teaching and modeling of appropriate behavior are the most effective means to help change those behaviors.

Our goal is to help students correct problematic behaviors. A variety of strategies are implemented to help students achieve this goal.