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Student Accomplishments



Congratulations to Lincoln students for taking

1st and 2nd places at the district

Battle of Books competition at UW-L.



Congratualtions to the following FORTY-ONE students who now have a chance to represent Lincoln/SOTA II/Coulee Montessori at the National History Day Regional Competition, which will take place on Wednesday, March 25th at UWL.

In the performance category:

  1. Colin Wilson

  2. Nora Erickson

  3. Finn Emlet

  4. Bradley Check

  5. Caden Lyons

  6. Elsa Kryzsch

  7. Rachel Greany

In the website category:

  1. Avery Bosshard

  2. Allison Culp

  3. Cadin Peterson

  4. Gideon Neisius

  5. Dylan Peloquin

  6. Hellenna Brown

  7. Jaz Johnson

In the documentary category:

    1. Brianna Grilley

    2. Jerom Beddoes

    3. Michael Moore

    4. Arlo Wilker

    5. Isaac Trohkimoinen

    6. Autumn Schiffer

    7. Kaleyah Rivera

    8. Ella Ammerman-Bann

    9. Nayla Lynk

    10. Marinda Driscoll

In the exhibit category:

  1. Lorrinda Flietner
  2. Tabitha Meyer
  3. Madison Misch
  4. Sophie Wenger
  5. Aya Klein-Borgert
  6. Luke Koch
  7. Alex Maxwell
  8. Tristan Strong
  9. Whalen Thomas
  10. Aria Bast
  11. Pa Dao Xiong
  12. Ameerah Freeman-Herdina
  13. Rosa Myers

Historical Paper

  1. Ella Schuttenhelm

  2. Madeline Loh

  3. Maggie  Herath

  4. Aselin Zinniel


Special congratulations to Luke Koch, Alex Maxwell, Tristan Strong, and Whalen Thomas, who received the Artistic Merit Award from the Lincoln/SOTA II/Coulee Montessori Art Department for their group exhibit about the Berlin Wall! Just a reminder that all exhibit participants should pick up their exhibit boards after school today. Congratulations again, and good luck at the regional competition!





1st place – Beckett Cottrell (8th)

2nd place – Michael Moore (7th)

3rd place – Avery Bosshard (7th)