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Student Issued iPads


Each student will be assigned a district owned iPad to use during his or her middle school experience.

In order to ensure that this process is a smooth one, please read through the following:
1. All students will be issued an iPad, cord and case.
2. All rules associated with the iPad will be reviewed with students in advance.
3. All students will be directed to put their name on their case. The number of their iPad will be recorded and stored.
4. Students will turn the iPad in at the end of each school year. They will receive the same iPad the following school year up until they enter high school.
5. Students will be allowed to take their iPads home during the school year as directed by core teachers.
6. Students are asked to keep their chargers at home, however, there are places to charge iPads at school as well.
7. iPads that are damaged will be assessed for damages that are intentional or as a result of negligent. It is important for the student to know that they should take proper care of their iPad. Students who neglect or intentionally damage their iPad will be responsible for the cost of repairing it.
8. Time will be allowed during school to complete most of the homework that is assigned. Students will be allowed to take their assigned iPad home to complete homework as needed.
9. At school the iPads will be filtered from inappropriate content, at home they will not be filtered.

An iPad permission slip is mandatory. This signed document must be received before your son/daughter is able to receive an iPad.

Insurance is offered for $20 per year to cover replacement of the iPad or damage to the screen.


Insurance Covers the iPad itself for damages or loss.

Insurance does NOT cover the replacement of:

Charging Code – $10

Charging Brick – $10

Otterbox Case – $15

Otterbox Rubber Gasket – $15

Otterbox Cover – $15

Students may purchase replacement parts in the school office with cash or checks. Checks should be make out to Lincoln Middle.  Please call the office at 608-789-7780.