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Logan Youth Art Month Exhibition: Come see outstanding artwork from Logan students! Show dates start April 17 through May 6. They will also have a reception on May 3 from 5-7pm; all at the Pump House Regional Arts Center with free admission! See Ms. Kruser with questions!


Environmental Week, April 22-26: Plan to participate in these fun events during homeroom!

MON 4/22: Happy Earth Day! Trash pick up day – homerooms will be competing to collect the most trash from our school’s campus

TUE 4/23: Outdoor fun day – chalk, bubbles, and yard games outside during homeroom!

WED 4/24: Earth Trivia day – earth trivia and prizes in commons after the SEL lesson!

THUR 4/25: Nature Art day – flower starter kits & rock painting outside during lunch & 6th period!

FRI 4/26: Green day – wear green and do something that helps reduce, reuse, or recycle!


Junior 2024 Prom theme will be… HOLLYWOOD STARS! Prom will take place on May 4th from 7:30-10:30pm at the Rivoli!

The Logan Latte coffee shop has begun! Stop by the concessions area every Friday from 7:15-7:50am for hot chocolate & coffee for $1!!


After School Study Table: Mr. Gavrilos is offering an opportunity for students to get some extra help with homework! This will be held 3:15 – 4:15, Monday – Thursday in room 233! Contact Mr. Gavrilos with any questions!


Logan Loot REBOOT!

Start earning Logan Loot by demonstrating the Ranger Success traits

[BE Respectful, Responsible, Resilient, & Reflective]


Once you have earned Logan Loot, put your name on it and bring it to the main office and put it in the Logan Loot box across from the main desk! There will be regular drawings and you could WIN fun prizes!



Thanks to Morrie’s Automotive Group, we will once again be awarding prizes for students who maintain great attendance OR make great improvements in attendance.



On Feb 2nd, we kicked off Semester 2 and gave out 4 gift cards! 2 – $25 Kwik trip gift cards and 2 – $50 Mastercard gift cards!

On Feb 20th, we gave out 2 ($25) Kwik Trip gift cards along with a ($50) & ($100) Mastercard gift card!

On Mar 1st, we gave out (2) $25 Kwik Trip gift cards and (2) $50 Mastercard gift cards!

On Mar 19th, we gave out (2) $25 Kwik Trip gift cards, (1) $50 Mastercard gift card and (1) $100 Mastercard gift card!

On Mar 22nd, we gave out our biggest incentive of the year! ONE student received a prom package valued at $600 that includes a two-hour limo rental for 8 passengers and a $300 restaurant gift certificate!

On April 11th, we gave out (4) $25 Kwik Trip gift cards and (1) $50 mastercard gift card!



On Oct 10th, we kicked off our Attendance Matters with four students – one from each grade – winning a $50 gift card!

On Oct 25th, we gave out 5 gift cards, 3-$25 Kwik Trip gift cards, 1-$50 Visa gift card, and 1-$100 Visa gift card!

— On Nov 8th, we awarded a gift card bundle valued at $280 for a “Fall Friends Night out” to one student!!

— On Nov 21st, we awarded 5 gift cards to 5 students – 2-$25 gift cards to Kwik Trip and 3-$50 Visa gift cards!

— On Dec 7th, we awarded 4 gift cards – 1 – $20 gift card to Kwik trip, 2 – $50 Visa gift cards, and 1 – $100 Visa gift card!

— On Dec 22ndwe awarded 6 gift cards to the La Crosse Escape Room and 6 gift cards to Five Guys Restaurant all to ONE person – a total of $300 in gift cards were awarded!

— On Jan 5th, we awarded 6 more gift cards – 2-$20 gift cards to Kwik Trip and 4-$50 Visa gift cards!

— On Jan 23rd, we awarded 5 more gift cards – 3-$20 gift cards to Kwik Trip, 1-$50 Visa gift card, and 1-$150 Visa gift card!


All students need to do is come to school! These awards are given to students who have maintained or improved their attendance!




Check it out! In the Library, there’s a Mindful Making activity now available! This month’s feature is Magnetic Poetry Slam! New themes and activities will be available each month thanks to the library and Project Aware! Take some time and focus on YOU.


Attention students: Staff from the library have given overdue notices to homeroom teachers for students that have items that are more than thirty days overdue. Students with overdue items have also gotten an email. Students, search your backpacks, lockers, cars, and homes for these overdue items and bring them in ASAP!


Tech Reminders and Helpful tips!

  • Never carry your laptop by the screen or close anything between your screen and keyboard. It can be very pricey to replace a broken laptop screen!

  • If you put your laptop in your backpack, make sure you put it in a separate section. Treat your backpack like it is carrying fragile cargo — because IT IS!

  • Report any breakage immediately to the Library so it can be fixed.

  • If you are needing replacement bricks or cords, stop by the Library first to see if they have any extras or you can stop by the main office to purchase new ones.



Cafe Logan is now offering coffee, hot chocolate and tea!  Pick one up for $1 each but you must have cash or money in your account.  Stop by and warm up with a cup!



REMINDER, Homeroom Expectations: 

– Students are expected to report to homeroom on time for attendance every day. If students are tardy 3 times, they are subject to a discipline referral to Mr. DePaolo or Mrs. Forde. 

– If students want to move to a different homeroom, they need to get a pass from their teacher.

– Students need to remain in their homeroom on Mondays until announcements and Ranger Slides are complete.

– Students need to remain in their homeroom on Tue/Thur/Fri until announcements are complete.

– Students need to remain in their homeroom on Wednesdays for the entire period for the required SEL and ACP Lessons.

– If students attend meetings for clubs/teams/groups, they are to remain in their homeroom until AFTER announcements or the Ranger slides are complete.


Friendly Reminders about Homeroom! 

  • Please do not ask for or give a pass until AFTER announcements and the Rangers Slides are completed. This is true even on days when the announcements are late.

  • There will be no passes given to other classrooms on days with an ACP or SEL lesson.

  • Students – please remember that when you have a pass, please get where you’re going promptly; there is NO NEED to roam the halls!


Attention student drivers: We have had a number of driving complaints from community members recently. Your local, friendly SRO, Officer Ledvina would like to remind you of a few legal requirements as the weather warms up and you drive off at lunch time or after school:  

-Make sure that you and all passengers always wear your seatbelt in a moving vehicle

-Make sure to obey all traffic signs & signals, including the stop sign as you leave the parking lot

-If you are on a probationary license, make sure that you do not have more passengers than you are allowed. Violating such laws could result in legal consequences that include having your probationary period extended or your license revoked. As a legal driver, you are responsible for the safety of all people in your vehicle. Make safe choices.


4/15/24 UPDATE:

Attention student drivers: The parking situation in our main lot has gotten out of hand and is at a point where we will be walking through and ticketing cars parked in unauthorized areas. These include: anyone parking in the visitors spots, students parking in the designated staff spots (regardless of whether you have a permit), and students parking in the designated student spots without a permit. Consider this your warning. The next time you are notified, it will be with a ticket.


**Phone Reminder for ALL Students! Our school wide rule is that during class time, phones should NOT BE SEEN OR HEARD.


–> Consequences of phone violations start with a warning or a request for the phone to be put away but can lead to a trip to the office, a discipline referral (including a call to a parent), and/or a specific phone plan throughout the day while at school (including requiring that the phone be left at home or in the office).



**Lunch Commons Update from Administration:

–> Unfortunately, due to messes, vandalism, and poor behavior choices, students may NO LONGER sit inside on the north entrance (end of the building near the tennis courts) of the building to eat lunch.


–> NO TRAYS are allowed outside of the commons as well.

–> We apologize to those students who were using this privilege appropriately, and we appreciate those of you who handled yourselves responsibly. 

–> Again, all students eating lunch inside must be in the commons area in view of the supervising adults.  When you are finished eating, you may go to other approved areas of the building, like the LMC and gym.



**Athletic Hall Reminder:

The athletic hallway by the weightroom and the vending machines down there are closed during Homeroom and Lunches every day.  Students are NOT allowed to come down to that area to purchase drinks or to hang out during either of those times. No passes should be written either. Thank You!


**Food Delivery Reminder for students: No food deliveries (door dash, uber eats, ect) are allowed at any time during the school day unless administrative approval is given in advance.



**Courtesy Reminder to all students:

Our custodial staff works very hard to keep our school clean, and they usually do so short-staffed. That said, we expect all students to do their part in cleaning up after themselves at breakfast and lunch. When you and your friends leave a table, there should not be any trays or garbage left behind. Too many times last week, there were items left behind, which adds more work for others. Do your part and clean up after yourself.





GAME CLUB: meetings are every day during homeroom in room 264. Contact Mr. Pahuski for more details. See Ranger success slides shown during homeroom for rules and QR codes to sign up.


CHARLA Y CHOCOLATE: meets during homeroom in room 114 for Spanish games and hot chocolate every other Monday! 


GSA: meets in the Library during homeroom on odd Mondays.


FEM CLUB: meets in the Library during homeroom on even Mondays.


YWCA CIRCLE KEEPERS: meetings are in the Ranger Resource Room (#125) every Tuesday during homeroom.


FBLA: meets in room 177 on the 1st Tuesday of the month during homeroom.


LOGAN LOCKER: meets in room 262 on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month during homeroom.


KNIT & CROCHET CLUB: Anyone interested in learning to knit or crochet – or students who already know how and are looking to be part of a community, join this club! Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, during homeroom in room 152. See Ms. Kruser or Mrs. Gibbons for more information.


PING PONG & CORNHOLE CLUB: meet in the fieldhouse on the 1st and 4th Thursday during homeroom. Contact Mr. Pahuski or Mr. Hollowitsch for details!


SEA CLUB: meets in the commons on the 1st Friday of the month during homeroom.


BOOK CLUB: meets every Friday in the Library during homeroom.


FCCLA: meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month in room 175 during homeroom.


YA (YOUTH APPRENTICESHIP) for 2nd Semester: now is the time to think about signing up for YA for next semester! Email Matt Weege or stop in the Ranger Resource room (#125) on Mondays or Tuesdays to get more information or to sign up!

If already involved, the meetings will be on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday during homeroom.


CREATIVE WRITING CLUB: meetings are in room 209 on the 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month during homeroom. Contact Mr. Carlson with questions. All are welcome!


FFA: meets in the LMC on the 2nd Thursday of the month during homeroom.


ECOLOGY CLUB: meets in room 253 on the 2nd Friday of the month during homeroom.


PEP CLUB: meets in room 231 on the 3rd Tuesday of the month during homeroom.


NHS: meets in the LMC on the 3rd Thursday of the month during homeroom.


GLOBAL CLUB: meets in room 114 on the 3rd Friday of the month during homeroom.


EDUCATORS RISING: meets in room 114 on the 4th Friday of the month during homeroom.





APR 18: Convocation Practice, 1pm, MPR

Sunday, APR 21: Convocation/Scholarships Ceremony, 4pm, MPR

APR 25: Mandatory Senior Meeting, 1pm, Theater

MAY 4: Prom, 7-10pm – Grand March, 9pm

MAY 6-17: AP Exam Window

MAY 10-14: Senior Finals Window

MAY 22: Athletic Banquet/Senior Awards, 7pm, Fieldhouse

MAY 23: Mandatory Graduation Practice, 10am, Theater

MAY 24: GRADUATION, 5pm, La Crosse Center

**To walk, students must have turned in their laptop & charger, cleared their lunch accounts, and paid all fines/fees**





Upcoming Future Center Events: 

Apr 24: Build my Future (9am-2pm at Omni Center – hands on career day about the trades)

Apr 26: UW-La Crosse Campus Close up (9am-3pm at UW-L)

All information, sign up sheets and permission slips are available in student services!






To see a full list of activities and events, visit our Activities website here:

Activities Calendar

Updated 4-17-24