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Inheritance and Genetics

Patterns of Inheritance

Punnet practice answers

Protein Webquest

Three station simulation


Evolution notes

Body Systems

Integumentary System


Skeletal System

Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

Band kids/Lab make up:  The circulatory and respiratory system notes above will be the topic during the time you are down in New Orleans.  To stay current with the class while you are away you should make sure to update your INB with key structures and functions of the two systems and complete the web quest below.  Please complete the web quest electronically and submit it as an attachment in an email to ahartman@lacrossesd.org

Circulatory system webquest

Let me know of any questions.

Digestive System

Excretory system

Nervous System


Data sets for the graph practice are below

Graph practice

Genetics and inheritance.

Protein Webquest

Body Systems

Virtual Knee Surgery