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Welcome to Ms Hong Xu’s Class

My name is Xu, Hong. I come from Beijing China. At the beginning of 2009, I arrived in the States beginning to work as a Chinese Language teacher.
I did have diversified career experience and education background before I arrived in the States. Being reared in China and received most of my education in China, I am a “ Made in China” product inside out. In my career life, I had been a teacher teaching ESL and business English for 4 years. Besides teaching, I had been working in an international company that involved organizing world culture exchange programs, or helping arrange global travels. The job took me to different parts of China as well as some foreign countries. The most memorable travel experience for me was the trip goings to Tibet!  The amazing landscape and mystic atmosphere will forever be imprinted in my deep memory.  All the trips help me gain knowledge and put on new horizons. In September 2008 I was lucky enough to be chosen as volunteer interpreter for 29th Olympic Game and have a chance of going into different venue sites, including the “Bird Nest” and “Water Cube”. I do have very a special love for exploring new things; I think this character shapes my life. That’s also why I was so happy when I knew I was going to be a Chinese culture and language teacher in the States. I always want to assume the role of a tiny stone of that that gigantic bridge. The bridge is across pacific and linking US and China together.…
I love students; however I can be “mean” and “sharp” if they are not working…Teaching and learning are interactive with each other and enhance each other. I wish my students and me, we are happily growing up together.
Thank you!