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Logan High School Library

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In your library, you’ll find: 

  • Print & digital reading materials that you love to read and that support your education
  • High quality, credible research resources & research support
  • Technology to support project creation
  • Tips for growing as a savvy and smart digital citizen
  • Opportunities to learn more about information and media literacy
  • The support of our full-time librarian, Ms. Moulton


This website is designed to assist students and staff in locating and using digital resources. Links are intended to meet basic reference needs and to support the curriculum and love of reading.

Checkout/ Return Services Available

All students have access to the collection for checkout and return of print and digital materials.  In addition, we now also have an outdoor library book drop outside the main entrance of the school – any La Crosse School library book can be returned in this drop box.

All information including directions and links for requesting books can be found at this site: www.destinydiscover.com  Enter Wisconsin & Logan High School. 

Please contact LHS librarian Ms. Kristi Moulton at kmoulton@lacrossesd.org with questions. 

Growing Readers: La Crosse Librarians and Libraries are Here to Serve!

Library Resources

Destiny Discover, our library catalog, allows students and staff to browse our print and digital collections.  Sign in using your school issued login and password to request books.

MackinVIA houses the LHS digital collection, including ebooks and audiobooks.  Browse the collection using the filters on the side.  Students and staff can check out 3 books at a time; download the app to take MackinVIA off your laptop and on the go.

Comics Plus is a digital database of thousands of comics, manga, and graphic novels of all types, such as Shoujo/Josei, Shonen/Seinen, Memoir, Supernatural, Horror, Webcomics, and more. Click the image to log in– it is through MackinVIA so once you log in, look on the Home Page for Comics Plus. Browse this collection using the “Categories” tab on the top left, or the search on the top right.

Beanstack allows students to track everything they read, share their reading, and maintain reading streaks.  Students can compete in reading challenges and earn virtual badges for their reading accomplishments. Log in with the Skyward username and birthdate (mmddyy) to get started.

The La Crosse Public Library offers students at LHS the opportunity to read and research using their resources.  Click here for their website and catalog.

Subscription Databases

Gale offers students a vast digital archive of research databases and reference eBooks for high school students and staff. Up-to-date articles, primary sources, full-text magazines, newspapers, journals, periodicals, videos, and podcasts provide researchers with credible resources.

eLibrary guides novice researchers to identify their research topic and find authoritative information to support their research claim.  Researchers will find the answers they need from more than 2,090 full-text magazines, newspapers, books, and transcript titles, plus a collection of over 7 million maps, pictures, weblinks, and audio/video files.

SIRS Issues Researcher provides background and current analysis necessary for research and understanding of current and historical topics. Analysis and opinions cover the pros, cons, and everything in between on the most researched and debated social issues.

Badgerlink is Wisconsin’s Online Library, offering WI residents access to many reputable, high-quality resources such as test prep, reading lists, historic newspaper archive access, newspapers and magazines, and more.

Britannica School is an online encyclopedia and more! With encyclopedia articles, multimedia, primary sources, and other learning resources, Britannica provides 3 levels of access for all ages.

Flocabulary helps high school students learn concepts and vocabulary for all content areas through interactive lessons and hip hop videos, bringing the K-12 curriculum to life.

Swank provides access to movies for teachers to use within the classroom.

Growing Readers

The 14 library teachers of the School District of La Crosse worked together to create the district-wide Growing Readers initiative in 14 buildings for 6000 students and 1000 staff. Over the course of the school year, we focused on three facets of librarianship: advocacy for reading, finding the right books for students, and creating a culture of reading where students can progress as readers. This grassroots project was designed not only to advocate for our libraries but also to create lifelong learners, readers, and library users among all of our students and staff.