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math welcome letter 2016

Math7 Curriculum

Math Target Rubric

Math Target Student Tracking

I am using EDpuzzle this year to turn my math videos into lessons that will engage my students as they interact with the content. Each video introduces a new concept that will be explored, discussed, and practiced at school. EDpuzzle allows me to edit videos by inserting voice overs, questions, links, and quizzes. Student completion of the videos and their individual responses are recorded for me to check understanding and design my lessons for class work. I’m excited to have technology that allows my students to ask questions on a concept before they even enter my room the next day.

Homework consists of watching and responding to my teacher videos. My expectation is students complete homework on the day it is assigned. If not, students will fill out a different response on paper as they watch the video. Students will also have workbook homework.
Flipped Videos Paper Assignment

This is our third year with the Glencoe McGraw Hill Mathematics materials and the 7th grade math staff has changed the chapter order. This is the progression for 7th grade Math II students:

Chapter 3 “Integers”
Have a deck of cards? Play a game to practice adding and subtracting integers.
Battle It Out

Have a pair of dice? Challenge your opponent to a game, using all operations and order of operations (PEMDAS).
Name the Operation game

Chapter 4 Rational Numbers

Chapter 2 Percents

Chapter 1 Ratios and Proportions

Chapter 5 Expressions

Chapter 6 Equations and Inequalities

Chapter 9 Probability

Chapter 10 Statistics

Chapter 7 Geometric Figures

Chapter 8 Measure Figures