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Fiddle music is traditionally taught by rote (by ear, without reading music). Students in River City Strings explore this style of learning and grow as musicians through playing alternative styles that include Celtic, Old-time, French Canadian, Swing, and more. We may also take time to explore folk instruments such as the mandolin, banjo, spoons, washboard, and possibly have a guest musician(s) visit! For some of our rehearsals and performances, we will be combining groups with the Logan Middle School fiddle club.



Most materials are available at our local music retailers (Leithold Music ~ Old Towne Strings ~ SSE Music).  Each store features easy online or telephone ordering and free delivery to school if your family is not able to get to the store.  Please make sure that you have the following supplies and remember to bring needed materials when necessary:

♫ Orchestra instrument & rosin:  store rental, school rental, or own.

♫ Instrument support:  shoulder rest/contoured sponge (violin/viola) or endpin rest/rock stop (cello/bass).

♫ Folder & Music:  to be handed out in class.

♫ Performance attire:  black shirt (any plain black shirt, orchestra shirt, or fiddle club shirt), blue jean bottom.

♫ Folding music stand:  students will need to supply and bring their own music stand for each performance.

♫ Snack:  one large, shareable snack (non-perishable, please – bag of chips, popcorn, pack of cookies, ect.)



Our club will rehearse in the Longfellow/LDI orchestra room (room #110) once per week (see this season’s complete rehearsal and performance schedule below). Students will need to take responsibility for respecting each other and our time together, helping others, learning their parts, and performing the part that is most appropriate for their level (new or younger members should begin with the back-up or simplified parts before they advance to the melody or more difficult parts). Please remember that this is a co-curricular club that will require extra practice, rehearsal, and performance time in addition to all of your academic responsibilities (including orchestra). Students must follow the guidelines outlined in the School District’s Co-Curricular Activities Code Book (this document is available in our school office and also on the Longfellow/LDI webpage).



Rehearsals and performances are important, and without all of our fiddlers, we cannot be 100%! We only get about one hour of rehearsal time together each week (compared to 5-10 hours per week for most school sports), so it is important that students attend.  In general, only two absences per season are allowed.  Excessive absences may be grounds for probation or dismissal from this season.  Please contact Ms. McDonald in advance if you will be absent from any rehearsal or performance.



Ms. Jessica McDonald ~ 608-789-3528 ~ jmcdonal@lacrossesd.org





*Remember to contact Ms. McDonald ahead of time if you will be absent from any rehearsal/performance.


♫ November, 2017 – January, 2018

     Complete schedule & information to be distributed and posted soon!


Longfellow/LDI Orchestra