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April 17, 2020 district communication

LA CROSSE, Wis., (April 17, 2020) – By now you are aware that, Governor Evers extended the Stay At Home executive order through the end of the school year. Unfortunately, this will draw to a close our hopes of re-engaging in face-to-face instruction in our school buildings for the rest of the year. The executive order, however, DOES allow us to continue our work in online remote learning through the end of the school year. Face-to-face instruction in our school buildings may be done for the year, but school is NOT done. Unless otherwise noted by your school’s principal, school will continue in our remote learning environment through June 5, 2020, which is the scheduled last day of school this year. High school principals have flexibility to adjust this timeline to meet the needs of students.

In the School District of La Crosse, we believe that when it comes to educating children, one size does not fit all. This has become very clear in our work during our remote learning efforts. Some students who were finding more success in the classroom setting are finding this remote learning environment challenging because it provides too much flexibility and not enough structure. Still other students are finding just the opposite: they love the flexibility and independence that comes with the remote learning environment.

This holds true for our teachers as well. Changing the delivery of instruction from classroom learning to remote learning is complex. It can require very different approaches which make planning and instruction and assessment very different. I am very proud of our staff for their efforts in ensuring that school continues — even when it is necessary to completely re-consider the way it is delivered.

As a result of the Governor’s executive order yesterday, we can now address several end-of-the-year events, including proms and graduations and summer school. Administration is exploring several options, and those will be communicated directly from principals next week. In addition, district administration is preparing structured plans and timelines to pick up personal belongings and return devices before the school year closes on June 5.

Finally, with the Governor’s executive order bringing closure to our school buildings for the rest of the year, students may find it emotionally difficult to grasp the significance of these events. Should you decide to engage in a discussion with your child, I would recommend (again) this resource as a guide.

With our students at the forefront,

Randy Nelson

Superintendent of Schools