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Enrollment open for 2021-2022 Coulee Region Virtual Academy

LA CROSSE, Wis., (July 7, 2021) – New student enrollment is still open for the Coulee Region Virtual Academy (CRVA) 2021-2022 school year. The CRVA is an online charter school focused on community, business, entrepreneurship, and innovation for 4K-12th grade students. The CRVA will prepare students for professional success through an engaging, personalized, and virtual education.

The curriculum focuses on the intersection of innovative entrepreneurship and academic excellence, offering students flexible opportunities for self-paced learning with real-world experiences. The CRVA offers technology-enhanced, virtual instruction combined with high-quality digital resources in a student-responsive learning environment. Individualized learning plans will guide each student, address skill gaps, accelerate learning in areas of success, promote exploration in areas of interest, provide clear college and career readiness steps, and promote successful global citizens’ development.

“The CRVA is a virtual charter school with a local heart,” said Dr. Michael Lichucki, School District of La Crosse Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. “If CRVA families have any questions or concerns they can turn to their neighborhood school for answers. Families will receive the flexibility and independence of virtual learning along with the opportunities for local in-person teaching support.”

The CRVA features a nimble educational option for students and families while also offering original and unique community partnership opportunities. Students 4k-12th grades will practice effective communication and collaboration skills and creative problem-solving strategies towards professional success while 6th-12th-grade students will develop technical skills and experience careers through opportunities for job shadowing and internships with community partners.

Although online learning and school online sound similar, there is a fundamental difference. The CRVA employs online learning.

Online learning is where learning is the constant and time is the variable. Students have the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere. They are not attached to a specific daily schedule and have flexibility in their learning. However, the CRVA finds providing live opportunities is also critical. The live opportunities are optional, but a great way to connect with other students. Live instruction can take the form of morning meetings, large and small group instruction, office hours, and individual sessions as needed.

School online is where there is a specific daily schedule. Students are required to come in at different times and their schedule looks the same as it would in an in-person setting. If this structure is needed, a return to in-person instruction is recommended.

New students to the Coulee Region Virtual Academy can enroll now.

Enrollment Procedures

  1. Current School District of La Crosse students or families will register for the CRVA using the Intra-district Transfer form which can be found on the school district website under “Parents.” 
  2. New students to the School District of La Crosse can make the request upon enrollment.
  3. Open enrolled students can select the Coulee Region Virtual Academy as their requested school and enroll using the district website.


Visit www.lacrosseschools.org/crva/ to learn more about the Coulee Region Virtual Academy.