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Mr. Larry McMahon

Larry McMahon

Northside Elementary Teacher


Mr. Larry


Meet Mr. Larry

Mr. Larry (as his students call him) entered teaching after a successful career as a restaurant owner in La Crosse. Mr. Larry created, and continues to operate Pizza Doctors in downtown La Crosse. However it was time spent volunteering in his own children’s elementary classrooms that convinced Mr. Larry that he should return to school and become a teacher. Mr. Larry graduated from Viterbo University with a degree in education in 2004. He started as a pre-school teacher at Franklin and has been at Franklin, Roosevelt and Northside. In addition to pre-school, Mr. Larry has taught kindergarten, 2nd and now 4th grades.


When Mr. Larry is not teaching or working at Pizza Doctors, he spends his time relaxing and playing with his dogs at the family cabin in northern Wisconsin.

Math Facts

Students entering fourth grade are expected to know, and be fluent in, single digit addition and subtraction facts.

They should also be fluent in multiplication facts up to 12’s.

If your child needs more practice on his/her math facts, here are some websites for additional practice.


A Plus Math

A Plus Math (with timer)

Fact Monster

Multiplication Facts (timed)

Timed Flash Cards

Math Fact Games (interactive games)


These are only a few of the flashcard websites available. If you find one that works well for your child and you’d like me to add it to my webpage, please let me know.

Math Word Problem Strategies

and Practice


Word problems (or story problems) are the most difficult concept for fourth grade students to grasp. Sometimes it’s the vocabulary, but many times it’s just understanding how to set up a problem and what operation(s) to use. These websites offer strategies and practice to help students become story problem masters.


Multi-step Word Problems

675 Word Problems to Practice

Thinking Blocks (Modeling word problem strategies)

Multi-step Word Problems (with helpful video hints)

Khan Academy

More Math Help

If your child needs extra help with fourth grade math concepts, as well as concepts from previous grades, the Khan Academy is an excellent source of information. The site includes practice as well instructional videos that follow the fourth grade math curriculum.


After following the Khan Academy link, click on subjects at the top of the screen; choose 4th grade (or another grade) and then choose the area your child needs to work on.