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COVID-19 Information and Resources

I think I may have COVID-19, what should I do?

  • Call your provider or the La Crosse County Health Department for directions BEFORE you go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room.  If you are having difficulty breathing or experiencing any emergency, call 911.

Gundersen: 782-7300

Mayo: 785-0940

La Crosse County Health Department COVID-19 Line: 785-6240

I think I was exposed to COVID-19.  I have not been contacted by the La Crosse County Health Department, what should I do?

 I have general COVID-19 questions, where can I go for information?

  • The La Crosse County Health Department Facebook Page is updated daily at 3:30pm with the number of cases in the County.

  • La Crosse County Health Department Website:   This includes COVID updates, local info and press briefing links.  There is also a link to a form to fill out if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19.

  • WI Dept of Health Services:  This site has general COVID-19 Information, as well as State case counts.  This information is updated daily at 2 p.m.

  •  CDC has national information about COVID-19, including case numbers nationwide.  This site is updated daily.

I have a specific question I would like to ask regarding COVID-19. Who can I call?

The La Crosse County Health Department’s COVID-19 question line at 785-6240.

Much of the above COVID-19  information can be accessed on the school district’s website as well at: