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School Counselors

Meet Our School Counselors!

School counselors help students to do their best in school by providing Social Emotional Learning to the entire school community, students and families. School counselors advise the entire school on consistent rules and language, they support families with parenting tips, teach in every classroom and also help small groups and individuals learn social skills.

Counselors focus on helping all students understand themselves and others, learn how to make safe decisions and deal with conflict. Counselors teach about being a responsible person, how to stay safe, learning about diversity of peoples, as well as how to cope with loss and change. They help children look at their personal qualities, to imagine and plan for their future.

School counselors function as a link between school and community and help families access basic needs: food, clothing, shelter, health care, transportation and financial needs.

Counselors work together with the entire staff to care for the whole child.

Melani Fay

School Counselor


Courtney Arneson

School Social Worker