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Northside Elementary Return to School

Northside Elementary Return to School

Daily Symptoms Screener


If this isn't competed daily, you will be contacted to
pick your child up or complete the screener.

Or Click Here to be redirected to the screener

You will need to enter your student's lunch/key pad code. You can get that number through Skyward Family Access (Food Service) or by contacting the building Administrative Assistant or your child's teacher.

Walking, Biking, and Dropping off at School

Northside Elementary/Coulee Montessori participates in
the "Safe Route to School" program.
Children are encouraged to walk or bike to school.

If you drop off your child in the morning at Northside Elementary, it is very important that they stay in the vehicle until 7:45am. The reason for this is to ensure we have ample staff in place to make sure students are wearing masks and social distancing. Families should follow all safety guidelines for drop off and pick up.

Please use crossing guard locations on your way to and from school.
- George Street & Gillette Street
- Kane Street & Gillette Street

- Use crosswalks and crossing guards whenever possible.

- Remember when crossing the street, the cars cannot stop as quickly when there is snow, ice, or rain on the roads.

- Wear a bike helmet when biking. (If you cannot afford a helmet, please consult with our school social worker.)

- Use the bike racks near the school playground to store bikes during the day. Bike locks are encouraged - We are not responsible for stolen bikes

- Walk bikes across the crosswalks and on school property.

- Carry rollerblades, scooters, and skateboards while on school grounds. Store them in your locker during the day.

- For the safety of all students, please be reminded that:
parking directly in front of the school on Kane Street and Charles Street between 7:30am to 4:30pm on school days by the playground is illegal.

- The streets are clearly marked with road signs for "no parking during school days" and "no stopping or standing during school days".

- This regulation is in effect for the safety of ALL children before and after school.

- Please help us keep traffic controlled by following the parking regulations
crossing with staff supervision crossing guards and/or safety patrol.

- DO NOT park in staff parking lot to drop off before school (7:45am-8:15am)
or to pick up students after school (2:45pm-3:15pm).

Thank you for your help keeping the children safe.

Arrival & Dismissal
Changes for Return in 2021

- Caregivers are not allowed to enter the school with their students.

- Remember to wait in your car or away from the building until 7:45am to maintain physical distancing.

- Students will go straight to their classrooms upon arrival and can begin entering the building at 7:45am.

- Children will enter through Kane Street, Charles Street, or parking lot doors only. They will enter the building closest to their classrooms/lockers.

Student Masks

All students and staff will be expected to wear a cloth face covering at all times while on school property. This includes on the bus if your child is receiving transportation. Please make sure to send your child to school in a mask. Please make sure their mask is marked with their name in permanent marker. Masks will be required throughout the day. We ask that masks fit and that they are clean. Masks with vents will not be allowed.

Exceptions to this will be students who cannot wear a mask due to a medical (with documentation from your child’s doctor) or disability related reason. If this applies to your child, please connect with your child’s special education case manager or the school nurse.

Students will also receive two masks when they get back to school. We will assist with this by laundering masks during the day if we notice masks are soiled. After laundering, masks will be returned to the student. Staff will work with students who are not used to wearing a face mask to help them get accustomed to wearing one and will provide reminders and support throughout the day. Masks that have a vent will not be allowed.
Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that every student will keep a mask on at all times. Staff will provide assistance putting on masks if needed and will provide reminders to every student.