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Partial Spanish Immersion Strand

Global Education – A Passport to the World


Offering students the School District of La Crosse’s high quality curriculum in the Spanish language

For over nearly half a century, research on language immersion education has heralded benefits such as academic achievement, language, and literacy development in two or more languages, and cognitive skills.
– Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (University of Minnesota)

“Research shows that second language instruction is most effective when taught in content areas where the language becomes necessary as a tool for discovery.  At North Woods International School our partial immersion strand is structured around this idea.”  – North Woods Principal Sandy Brauer

What is the Spanish Partial Immersion Strand?

  • Approximately 45 – 50% of classroom instruction is presented in the Spanish language.
  • Spanish language is used in teaching the subjects of math, science, and social studies.
  • Classroom routines, instructions, and casual conversation are done in Spanish.
  • Each grade is taught by a certified Spanish teacher, each of whom has international expertise and/or experiences.
  • Teachers use exaggerated body language, gestures, songs, and aids to help students during early language acquisition.
  • Students will develop a greater understanding and appreciation of Spanish speaking cultures.

Amity Interns

Each year, 3 Amity Interns provide a native perspective, allowing students to better understand and appreciate the Spanish language.  Families can host an intern in their home for a trimester, further enhancing their child’s cultural experience.



Interested in enrolling a child in the Spanish Immersion Strand?

  • Parents residing in the district need to complete the Choice and Charter Application
    • Applications submitted by the December deadline will be given priority placement
  • Parents residing outside the district also need to complete the Wisconsin Open Enrollment Program forms which can be found on the DPI website
  • A controlled lottery will be conducted if requests exceed spots available
  • In-district families should receive notification in early February; open enrolled students will be notified by May