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Kids’ Club After School Program

 North Woods International School


After School Program


The Kids’ Club After School Program is held on school days, Monday–Friday from 3:15-5:15 pm. and is open to K-5th grade North Woods International School student who have been referred to the program by their teachers, based on academic need. 


When the regular school day has ended at 3:15 pm, Kids’ Club participants check-in for snack and recess and then spend the remainder of their time (Monday-Thursday) involved in group learning activities, as well as supervised homework completion. On two days of the week, students work in small groups with teachers or teacher assistants. On the other two tutoring days, students work with college students. We end the week on Friday, by celebrating learning with a Friday fun day.

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If you have any questions regarding the Kids’ Club After School Program,
contact Hannah Mick, ASP Coordinator, at (608) 789-7000 ext 6409 or

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