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Mrs. Heather Stern

Heather Stern

North Woods Elementary



Mrs. Stern

Welcome to Mrs. Stern’s classroom.  I am so excited to be working with your children.   I have been teaching special education for 6 years and have loved every minute.  I have a small family that consist of Mr. Stern, Leo (my son) and our dog Ellie May.  Ellie May is a therapy dog and comes to school sometimes when our bodies are safe.  She loves to come to school and play ball with the kids.  Outside of school I love to play with Leo, scrapbook and run.

This year we have begun a new social skills curriculum called the Zones of Regulation.  We are working on learning about our emotions and matching them to a zone.  Zones include Blue (running slow feelings), Green (good to go feelings), Yellow (slow down feelings) and Red (stop feelings).  We are also learning how our behaviors affect others thoughts and feelings about us.  All the children that work with me can tell you about the zones.  We also utilize the 5 point scale to recongize our behaviors and emotions.