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North Woods Return to School

Drop off & Pick up!

If you drop off your child in the morning at North Woods, it is very important that they stay in the vehcile until 8:10am. The reason for this is to ensure we have ample staff in place to make sure students are wearing masks and social distancing. Familie should follow the pick up square and cones in the parking lot for drop off.

When students arrive they will have different entrances to cut down on the amount of people coming through each door. There will be multiple staff members to greet them and take them in the correct door and to their grade level area. Kindergarten students and Mrs. Stanton's 1st grade class will go in the kindergarten doors (around the building to the right as you look at North Woods). 4K, 1, 2, will come in the Main Entrance. 3, 4/5 will come in the entrance used during the soft landing meetings at the beginning of the year--to the left near the green fire hydrant. At this time, parents are not allowed in any area of the building except the Main Office. There will be no morning recess, students will instead report to their rooms. Breakfast will be provided to all students.

Students will exit through their grade level door and will be walked to the pick up area or bus lane doing their best to social distance. Students who ride the bus will get onto their correct bus. Students picked up will wait outside socially distanced for their guardian to arrive for pick up. Parents should follow the pick up square/cones when they arrive at school. Release times: Prek-1 3:10PM 2nd-5th 3:15PM

Morning Prek students can either take the bus or they can also be dropped off after 8:10am following the same guidelines for North Woods. For pick up, the bus will either arrive at 11:00AM, or parents can follow the pick up square, which is driving into the parking lot towards the bus lane, then coming around to the front. Ms. La Fleur & Mrs. Pedace will help get students to the right car/bus.

For afternoon Prek, the school bus typically arrives around 12:30 PM. Parents can drop off at that time too. We ask that parents stay with their child until the teacher comes outside until 12:35 when class starts. For after school at 3:10, parents can follow the pick up for the k-5 end of day, or students get on the bus.

Attendance & Symptoms

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When can we return to school and work?

In the event that your child has to stay home, please keep in mind the following attendance considerations.

COVID-19 Attendance Guidelines

When can I return to in-person school or activites?

Daily Symptom Screener

The daily symptom screener should be completed daily for each student.

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Lunch & Recess Times

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All La Crosse School District students will receive free breakfast and lunch during the 2020/21 school year.

Measures taken for food consumption: *No sharing of food *If a class decides to have a class treat/snack, it must be pre-packaged and/or dispensed by the teacher individually *students should keep their hands to themselves *washing hands before and after eating *desks/tables should be cleaned before and after eating

Students can bring cold lunch (lunch from home). Students may receive a note from their teacher that there is a potential allergy in the classroom (example: nuts). In this case, we request/recommend that students bring nut free lunches/snacks.

Due to safety reasons, all snacks provided from families must be purchased from the store. Please check in with your child's teacher to see if there are any allergies in the classroom.

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Student Masks

All students and staff will be expected to wear a cloth face covering at all times while on school property. This includes on the bus if your child is receiving transportation. Please make sure to send your child to school in a mask. Please make sure their mask is marked with their name in permanent marker. Masks will be required throughout the day. We ask that masks fit and that they are clean. Masks with vents will not be allowed.

Exceptions to this will be students who cannot wear a mask due to a medical (with documentation from your child’s doctor) or disability related reason. If this applies to your child, please connect with your child’s special education case manager or the school nurse.

Students will also receive two masks when they get back to school. We will assist with this by laundering masks during the day if we notice masks are soiled. After laundering, masks will be returned to the student. Staff will work with students who are not used to wearing a face mask to help them get accustomed to wearing one and will provide reminders and support throughout the day. Masks that have a vent will not be allowed.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that every student will keep a mask on at all times. Staff will provide assistance putting on masks if needed and will provide reminders to every student.