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North Woods PBIS

North Woods P.B.I.S

This webpage is currently under construction, check back to learn more about North Woods PBIS!

Incentives & Acknowledgements

Principals 200 Club!

Our Principal 200 Club is a certificate for students who go above and beyond. This is an extension of our acknowledgement system.  Students may receive a P200 club if they are going the extra mile, or that could just have had a really awesome day. Principal 200 clubs at school could be something like:

  • The student helped a friend at recess that was sad and played with them

  • The student offered to help another teacher or student with a project

During the school year, students who receive a P200 club get to write their name on a board. Once their column fills with 10 other students’ names, that column gets a prize! This year our prizes may look a little different than other years, but we are still planning for fun! 

Paw Pals

Paw pals (previously known as Peace Pals for returning students) is an acknowledgement given to students. A student may receive a Paw Pal for a variety of reasons. These Paw Pals are tied to our international baccalaureate attributes (3 Rules) of being balanced, caring, and principled. Some schools may refer to these three rules as safe, respectful and responsible. When a student receives a Paw Pal, they are able to turn it into their classroom teacher. Classroom teachers use these acknowledgements to set goals for their classroom for rewards. It is also a way for teachers to track how often they are acknowledging positive behavior in the classroom.

IB Attributes for PBIS

Inquirer:  We ask Questions

Communicator: We share our ideas

Principled: We do the right thing

Reflective: We find ways to be better

Thinkers: We use our heads

Caring: We are kind

Open-minded: We Respect Others 

Risk-taker: We try new things

Knowledgeable: We know lots of things

Balanced: We look after ourselves and others

PBIS Coaches & Contacts

Kelsie Bolstad-PBIS Coach (Tier 1)

Heather Stern-PBIS Coach (Tier 2)

Tim Hanson-PBIS Coach (Tier 2)

Keri Holter -PBIS Administrator (Principal)