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DPI Medication Training

School District employees are required to complete DPI approved medication training for administration of non-oral medications prior to administering to students (Wisconsin Act 86). While most of the medication is administered by trained staff in the health office, there are times such as field trips, school-sponsored trips, sports or other co-curricular activities and after-school programs that it is necessary to have other staff trained.

This training provides for safe administration of medication to students and also provides civil immunity protection for staff.

Epinephrine (EpiPen), Glucagon, Rescue Inhaler and Diastat trainings are now a part of the SafeSchools online program.  Below are instructions to complete these required trainings.

Please return the completed certificates to the Human Resources Department. The School Nurse will also meet with you to verify competency of administration if you are assigned a student that has these specific health needs.


SafeSchools Training Instructions