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Student Code of Rights & Responsibilities

The Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities is an important document for students, parents, guardians, and staff to review each year.  The document outlines key rights and responsibilities for stakeholders and highlights important policies and procedures that help our schools run safely and effectively.  This document is offered in multiple languages and is reviewed annually with student groups, parent/guardian groups, and staff to ensure it’s our best reflection for what we expect of our schools.  Should you have questions about the code or suggestions for its improvement, please contact Curt Teff, Director of Community Services at 608-789-8466 or cteff@lacrossesd.org.

Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities 2021-22 in English printable pdf format.

Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities Addendum 2021-22 in English printable pdf format. 




Student Info Update

Available June 14th for Hamilton and Northside Students

Available July 1st for All District Students



Everything you need to update your child’s student information this summer can be found on this page.  The Student Info Update helps us best serve your child by making sure we have the most accurate and current information in our system.


Rather than the forms being sent home over the summer or handed out at open house, they’ve been moved online for greater convenience for parents/guardians.




Before you begin, make sure you have access to:

  • New phone numbers for parents/guardians and/or emergency contacts

  • Your child’s doctor’s name and hospital

  • Information about any new health conditions and medications


The Student Info Update is simple and quick.  If you’re unable to complete the update for all of your children at one time, you can save your information and complete at a later date.


Start at the Skyward Family Access login page.


If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the link Forgot Login/Password?  You can also contact your child’s school or the District Registrar’s Office to have it reset.




Your child’s school and the district Registrar’s Office are available to answer questions and assist over the phone from 7:00 am – 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.


If you need computer access and/or assistance at your child’s school, please call the school to schedule an appointment. Computer access can also be found at the La Crosse public libraries and community centers. Due to the current COVID19 situation, please call ahead to check for availability.


For step by step instructions, please click here to access the Student Info Update Instructional Booklet.

Substitutes – District Information

WHAT IS ABSENCE MANAGEMENT (AbMgt)? Management of staff absences and substitute placement is addressed with an online software solution called Absence Management. Absence Management provides a way for staff to request and register their absences with a phone call or by logging in on the web. Substitutes can search for available assignments and be matched and assigned to vacancies based on district preference lists. Administrators use Absence Management to get a clearer view of absence management to ensure effective classroom instruction. Absence Management not only saves countless hours of manual sub-calling, but also offers efficient absence tracking and reporting.

How Absence Management Works: Absence Creation — The employee registers their absences at any time, either by calling a toll-free number or by logging on to Absence Management online. Absence Management starts to look for an available substitute that matches the employee’s specified qualifications and preferences. Substitute Placement — Subs can proactively fill their work calendars by searching for available assignments anytime they wish, either by calling a toll-free number or by logging on to Absence Management online.  Absence Management will also call substitutes based on rules managed by the district.

Absence Management Information:

Web Site Link: https://app.frontlineeducation.com

Phone Number: 1-800-942-3767

Prevention Programs

Champions Cross Mentoring Programs

Champions is a school cross-mentoring program linking high school students to current 8th graders in our middle schools.  The goal of the program is to make younger students aware of peer pressure and the effect it has on some of the decisions they make regarding drug and alcohol.  It is designed to help students make life-long positive decisions concerning substance abuse.  In addition, the high school Champions provide positive models to incoming freshmen each school year.


Project Northland Alcohol Refusal Program

proj northlandProject Northland is a multi-grade program designed to reduce alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use.  The program uses student-led activities to support the “no use” message.  Parents and the community are also involved in an effort to reduce youth access to chemicals.


At the 6th grade level, “Slick Tracy” comic books provide a forum for students and parents to discuss alcohol-related issues.

At the 7th grade level, the “Amazing Alternatives” strategies include games, audio tapes and problem-solving activities.

At the high school level, the “Class Action” curriculum challenges students to examine real-world consequences of alcohol use through mock trials.

An adult component of Project Northland known as “Supercharged” offers insight and techniques for raising awareness about youth alcohol use and engaging our community in prevention efforts.


Bullying Prevention


Students have the right to feel safe in school which means they should be able to attend school without fear of threat, harm, harassment or bullying.


Students have the responsibility to conduct themselves in such a way that respects the safety, rights, and dignity of all individuals.  Students have the responsibility to express their thoughts and feelings in a manner that does not offend, slander, ridicule, harass or bully others.  It is the responsibility of all school staff members, students and concerned individuals who observe or become aware of acts of bullying to report these acts in writing, confidentially (where possible) to a school administrator.  (Please see “Allegation of Bullying Incident” reporting form on your school’s website.)  All submitted reports will be carefully reviewed and appropriately addressed.

Inappropriate physical and verbal behaviors that violate another student’s right to feel safe in school will not be tolerated. Repeated physical and/or verbal behaviors may be considered bullying. The School District of La Crosse views bullying as “being exposed, repeatedly or over time, to negative actions by one or more people”. (See Addendum A: Administrative Policy JICK). Bullying behavior is prohibited in all schools, buildings, property and educational environments, including any property or vehicle owned, leased or used by the school district. Educational environments include, but are not limited to, every activity under school supervision.

Behaviors may include, but are not limited to:

2. POSSESSION OR USE OF POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS OR DISRUPTIVE ARTICLES (examples would include, but not necessarily limited to: bombs, firecrackers, and snowballs).
4. FIGHTING OR SIMILAR BEHAVIOR which might threaten or cause bodily harm to others.
5. PHYSICAL (e.g. assault, hitting or punching, kicking, theft).
6. VERBAL (e.g. threatening or intimidating language, teasing or name-calling, racist remarks).
7. INDIRECT (e.g. spreading cruel rumors, intimidation through gestures, social exclusion, and sending insulting messages or pictures by mobile phone or using the Internet—also known as cyber bullying).
8. Between students and students, students and adults, or adults and adults.

Students violating this section will be subject to, but not limited to:

  • Referral to the police
  • Notification of parents
  • Appropriate action by school authorities

(a) referral to other school personnel
(b) suspension from classes, school premises, and/or school-related activities: parental conference for re-admission
(c) placement in alternative educational setting

  • Restitution for costs incurred

In the elementary and middle school levels, the School District of La Crosse has embraced the Olweus Bully Prevention model. This program involves a school-wide effort to reduce opportunities for bullying and to improve peer relations.

The approach includes classroom discussions about rules against bullying. The rules are also visually displayed throughout the schools. Students are supervised during break periods to reduce bullying opportunities and a confidential reporting system for victims has been established for each school.

Bullying-Allegation of Incident Form-Secondary

Bullying Brochure

Bullying and Harassment Policies

Student Harassment Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Community Services


Welcome to Community Services!  We provide and support a variety of specialized pupil services within our schools and in the community.  We also coordinate with a broad range of community stakeholders to develop supports and services to ensure our students are healthy, supported, and ready to learn.  If your learner or family has any questions or needs, please contact our office at the telephone numbers below.


Curt Teff, Director
Community ServicesGroup of happy people with arms raised looking at camera.

Nichole Steffens
Administrative Assistant

Heather Hall
Integrated Supports/Behavior Specialist

Alicia Place
Community Services Coordinator, District Homeless Liaison