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Boundary Information

Your address determines the school your child will attend. Please contact Michelle Wozney at 608.789.7651or mwozney@lacrossesd.org to inquire on what your boundary school is. You can also contact our district registrar at 608.789.7756 or registrar@lacrossesd.org.

Intra-district Transfer (formerly Boundary Exemption Request)

INTRA-DISTRICT TRANSFERS FOR THE 2021-22 SCHOOL YEAR WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNTIL FEBRUARY 1, 2021. Please use link at: www.lacrosseschools.org/intradistrict-transfers/

An intra-district transfer may be requested for the 2020-21 school year if a student moves in the middle of the school year. The request can be accessed through the link below. Please return the form by mail to: School District of La Crosse, Attn: Michelle Wozney, 807 East Avenue South, La Crosse, WI 54601 or e-mail at: mwozney@lacrossesd.org

The form can also be dropped off at your child’s school.

If you do not have access to a computer, please contact Michelle Wozney at 608.789.7651 or mwozney@lacrossesd.org for a paper boundary exemption form.

If you are requesting to attend any of our choice schools (Hamilton Early Learning Center (year round), Northside Elementary School (year round), North Woods International School, Summit Environmental School or one of our charter schools (Coulee Montessori Elementary and Middle School, SOTA I and II, Logan Middle School, School of Technology & Arts I & II, La Crosse Polytechnic School, please complete a choice and charter interest application form. This form can be located at: https://www.lacrosseschools.org/programs-services/career-choice-education/choice-charter-opportunities/.

For questions on the choice/charter interest form, please contact Kristina Arenz at 608.789.7654 or krarenz@lacrossesd.org.