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Boundary Information

Your address determines the school your child will attend. Please contact Michelle Wozney at 608.789.7651or mwozney@lacrossesd.org to inquire on what your boundary school is. You can also contact our district registrar at 608.789.7756 or registrar@lacrossesd.org.

-Boundary Exemption Request

A boundary exemption may be requested if a student lives in the School District of La Crosse boundaries and wishes to attend a La Crosse school that is not in his/her attendance boundary. The boundary exemption request can be accessed through the Boundary Exemption Request link below. Please return the form by mail to: School District of La Crosse, Attn: Michelle Wozney, 807 East Avenue South, La Crosse, WI 54601 or e-mail at: mwozney@lacrossesd.org

The form can also be dropped off at your child’s school.

If you do not have access to a computer, please contact Michelle Wozney at 608.789.7651 or mwozney@lacrossesd.org for a paper boundary exemption form.

If you are requesting to attend any of our choice/charter schools (Coulee Montessori Elementary, Hamilton Early Learning Center (year round), School of Technology & Arts I, Northside Elementary School (year round), North Woods International School, Summit Environmental School, Coulee Montessori Middle School, La Crosse Design Institute, Logan Middle School, School of Technology & Arts II, 7 Rivers Community High School, LaCrossroads High School (Central or Logan campus), please complete a choice/charter interest form (not a boundary exemption request). This form can be located at: https://www.lacrosseschools.org/programs-services/career-choice-education/choice-charter-opportunities/.

For questions on the choice/charter interest form, please contact Kristina Arenz at 608.789.7654 or krarenz@lacrossesd.org.