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Walking School Bus Routes

Walking School BusClimb aboard a Walking School Bus!

A Walking School Bus is when one or more adults meet children at a set location and walk a predetermined route to school, picking others up along the way. Walking School Buses make it possible for students to walk to school with their friends and classmates, supervised by an adult. Students who do not live within walking or biking distance can be dropped off at the meeting point, allowing them to participate.




Why join a Walking School Bus?

  • Walking to/from school provides many benefits to children, the school, and the community.
  • Walking to school promotes physical activity, allowing students to arrive at school alert, ready to learn and concentrate.
  • Walking to/from school teaches children to handle traffic safely.
  • Walking to/from school reduces traffic congestion near schools, making it safer for walkers and bikers.
  • Walking to/from school allows children and families to contribute to a cleaner environment and improved air quality near schools.
  • Walking to/from school promotes a healthy active lifestyle.

Nine District schools are currently participating in the county-wide Safe Routes to School program. This is a program designed to encourage more children to safely walk and bike to/from school in an effort to encourage physical activity and prevent childhood obesity.

Walking School Bus Routes

Emerson Route

Hamilton/SOTA I Route

Spence Route #1

Spence Route #2

State Road Route

Summit Routes