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Compulsory School Attendance



The School District of La Crosse recognizes that students need to be well prepared if they are going to be successful, productive adults. Regular school attendance is the first step toward achieving this.

We value a strong partnership between home, school and the community and recognize our respective responsibilities in assuring regular attendance.

Ordinances and/or legislation developed at the municipal, county or state level shall be adhered to as they relate to school attendance.

The School District of La Crosse shall adhere to the state law (S.115.82, 118.15 and 118.16 Wis. Statutes) regulating compulsory school attendance. The major components of the state law are:

1. All children between the ages of 6 and 18 years and those enrolled in the 5 year old kindergarten program are required to attend a public or private school regularly for the full period and hours school is in session.

2. The School Board may allow a student, with parents’ permission, 16 years of age or older to pursue a high school diploma under a number of options:
a. Attend a VTAE full or part time.
b. Attend a private nonsectarian high school within the district.
c. Attend an alternative public school or program located in the resident’s school district.
d. Attend a schoolwork training or work-study program.
e. Attend the resident’s public school with modifications to the current academic program.
f. Attend a public educational program outside of the School District.

3. The School Board may allow a student, with parent’s permission, 17 years of age or older, to participate in a program leading to the child’s high school graduation or leading to a high school equivalency diploma (GED).

4. Students with special educational needs have the same right to be excused from regular attendance under this statute as students in “regular” education.

LEGAL REF: State Statutes 115.82, 118.15, 118.16
Approved by the Superintendent’s Advisory Team: March 10, 2010


Board Policy 4310 Compulsory School Attendance


Notice of Frequent Excused Absences

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