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Cultural Liaisons

Hello, or as we say in Hmong, “Nyob Zoo.” My name is NaoHoua Tony Yang.  I am proud to serve as the cultural liaison for the La Crosse School District. I believe that my position is important in our schools to help our Hmong students and families navigate the success of our public education system. Another important role that I have is to support teachers, administrators, and community agencies as they work to meet the challenging needs of all students.

Over the years, we have created wonderful opportunities and programs to allow our students to learn, grow and be successful, and we will continue to keep this promise.  I truly believe that the programs we offer help our students become better individuals and citizens.

If you are interested in learning more about what I do or would like to visit any of my programs, please contact me at (608) 789-6664.  You may also contact NaoHoua Tony Yang via e-mail at: Nyang@lacrossesd.org

Thank you!

Hello my name is Shaundel Spivey.  I serve as the Cultural Liaison for the School District of La Crosse. My responsibilities are to serve as a link between multicultural students and families, teachers and administrators, as well as community agencies. This link helps to ensure students academic success within our school district. I believe that this position will assist with the success of teachers and students in our school district.

I am also available to assist in any staff development opportunities that relate to Black/ African American Culture, social justice, and other diversity topics.

If you are interested in meeting with me to learn more about the position, more about myself, or anything related to this position please contact me at (608) 789-6620

You may contact Shaundel Spivey via e-mail at sspivey@lacrossesd.org

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