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World Language


Welcome to the World Language Department’s Home Page

The School District of La Crosse offers a highly-acclaimed world languages program that includes a comprehensive curriculum in the languages of Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. The department’s skilled teaching staff have more than 200 years of combined classroom experience as well as a department-wide passion for preparing students for the today’s workforce. The program boasts an impressive exchange and travel program for both teachers and students that has sent more than 200 individuals to foreign countries to study in recent years. In addition, the department’s commitment to developing our students into global citizens has resulted in a multitude of international travel opportunities for our students to countries including Austria, China, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Spain and Switzerland.

Cassie Tolvstad
K-12 World Language Content Area Coordinator

Geri Patschull
Administrative Assistant
North Woods International School

Logan High School Spain Trip Summer 2017

Taiji Performance


Kendal Fowler, graduated from Logan High School in 2015 and was the first recipient of the GEAC (Global Education Achievement Certificate)!  She completed her capstone Global Project – check out the video below!

Logan High School Students Mai Ji Thao & Mai Cheng Thao demonstrate a traditional Hmong dance.

Traditional Hmong Dance tutorial

Program Overview
World Languages Curriculum Guide

(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Currently, the entry level of world language instruction begins in Grade 7, with instruction every other day. For this required phase of language exposure, students may select one of three languages: French, German, or Spanish. Although world language study is not required in Grade 8, students may continue to study the language they began in Grade 7. World language classes meet daily in 8th grade. The middle school sequence of instruction is equivalent to one year of high school study. Students who continue their middle school language study in high school have the opportunity to complete a five-year sequence upon graduation. Chinese is offered beginning at the high school level.

7th Grade
World Languages (required)
Unit: .5

Students select a language that they will study on alternate days in seventh grade. (They may continue on a daily basis in eighth grade). Students will learn basic conversational skills while exploring the cultures in which the language is spoken.


8th Grade
French (Elective)
Unit: 1.0

German (Elective)
Unit: 1.0

Spanish (Elective)
Unit: 1.0

World Languages 8 is an elective, a continuation of World Language 7. Students continue in the language they began in Grade 7. The outcome for all languages is that students will demonstrate increasing ability to understand and communicate in the language of their choice.

Global Education Achievement Certificate 

Video is from DeForest High School

Global Education Achievement Certificate is available at Logan & Central High Schools.  See attached summary for more information.

GEAC Summary