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English Learners


The School District of La Crosse provides English Learner (EL) services for EL students from Pre-Kindergarten through high school.  The vast majority of these EL students are Hmong from Laos, Thailand, and the U.S. However, EL’s representing a number of other language groups are served as well. Some of these languages include Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Urdu, Chinese, French, Japanese, Bulgarian, Laotian, and Arabic.  This representation often shifts from year to year.

Currently, we are serving 351 EL students across the District.

Program/Course Offerings

The School District of La Crosse’s English Learning Program follows WI DPI approved Integrated ESL Model for the majority of its EL students. This LIEP model supports push in and development of academic language without taking students out of the classroom. The other 3 WI DPI approved LIEP models that can be used on a case by case basis are Newcomer Pull out ELA (no more than 3 semesters), Stand Alone ESL (pull out during non content time for the purposes of reteaching and reinforcement) and SPED/ESL Stand Alone (as per student’s IEP).

Beginner English Class for Parents

Parent Resource Video Library

The EL program is hosting beginner English classes for parents on Thursdays 6 pm – 8 pm, year round at Logan High School.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Olga Dedkova, EL Program Coordinator, at (608) 789-3308 or email at

i-Ready Resources

EL Accommodations/Modifications on Standardized Tests

Contact Information

Aimee Zabrowski

Director of Student Services
(608) 789-7655

Olga Dedkova

EL Coordinator
(608) 789-3308

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns not addressed on our web page, please feel free to contact us using this form.

Mainstream EL Program

  • Direct Support Programs in all schools
  • Serving 351 students

         188 El.

         90 MS

        73 HS students

  • 15 active second language groups served: Hmong, Spanish, Mandarin, Laotian, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Russian, Telugu (Indian), Thai, Urdu (Pakistan), Albanian, Romanian, Hindi (Indian), Khmer (Cambodia), Amharic (Ethiopia)

    EL Staff

    Aimee Zabrowski

    Aimee Zabrowski

    Director of Student Services & EL Program Director

    (608) 789-7655

    Olga Dedkova

    Olga Dedkova

    EL Coordinator and District Interpretation / Translation Coordinator

    (608) 789-7655

    Shirley Levendoski

    Shirley Levendoski

    Administrative Assistant

    (608) 789-7634

    Photo of John Arnost John Arnost Teacher
    Photo of Golia Bernacchi Golia Bernacchi Teacher
    • Spence
    Gabriela Bernal Teacher Assistant
    Lindsay Cummings Teacher
    Photo of Vanessa DaughterofLois Vanessa DaughterofLois Teacher

    Hi! Nyob Zoo! ¡Hola!
    I am Mx. D’Lois.  I grew up on a farm near Fond du Lac, WI and love being outside!  I have a really big family, a wonderful partner, and a cuddly cat!  I love going on bicycle-camping adventures, being creative, and reading audiobooks!  Let’s make this a great year of learning together!…

    Photo of Jessica Dean Jessica Dean Teacher
    Photo of Olga Dedkova Olga Dedkova District EL Coordinator
    Abigail Famisaran Teacher
    Photo of Alyson Glenz Alyson Glenz Teacher
    Hnou Qhu Ja Lee Teacher Assistant
    Photo of Macarena Martin Macarena Martin ELL Teacher Assistant
    • * District Interpreter and Translator.
      * Spence (On-Call)
      * State Road (On-Call)
      * Longfellow (On-Call)
      * Northside/Coulee Montessori
    Gao Sheng Moua Teacher Assistant
    608-789-7695 (Hamilton)
    Photo of Houa Moua Houa Moua Teacher Assistant
    • District Translator
    • Hamilton/SOTA I
    • Logan Middle (on-call)
    • Southern Bluffs (on-call)
    Photo of Beth Pogreba Beth Pogreba Teacher
    • Hintgen
    Photo of Edgar Rodriguez Edgar Rodriguez Teacher Assistant
    • Central (on-call)
    • Logan High
    • Logan Middle
    • North Woods (on-call)
    • Summit (on-call)
    Photo of Kimberly Schumacher Kimberly Schumacher Teacher Assistant
    • Spence
    Photo of Chue Peter Thao Chue Peter Thao Teacher Assistant
    • Logan Middle School
    Photo of Joua Vang Joua Vang Teacher
    • Logan Middle
    Pha Vang Teacher Assistant
    Photo of Ying Vue Ying Vue Teacher Assistant
    • Logan High
    Photo of Tou (TC) Yang Tou (TC) Yang Teacher
    Photo of Mary Zong Mary Zong Teacher