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Elementary Schools

Elementary Programming 

Students in grades K-2 are provided with extended activities and differentiated instruction within the classroom setting.

Students in grades 3-5 participate in a blended learning format that includes face-to-face and independent learning in math and language arts.  Program participants as well as other students have the opportunity to particpate in various nationl, regional, and district events that could include:

∗ Geography Bee (grades 4-5)

∗ Matt Hessel-Mial Writing Contest (grades 2-5)

∗ Vocabulary Showdown (grades 3-5)

∗ Battle of the Books (grades 4-5)


Elementary School Library/HPL Teachers:

Emerson – Lisa Altreuter laltreut@lacrossesd.org

Hamilton/SOTA I – Carrie Wuensch-Harden cwuensch@lacrossesd.org

Hintgen – Chris Prairie cprairie@lacrossesd.org

Northside – Kristen Martin kmartin@lacrossesd.org

Northwoods – Nicole Ellefson-Johnson nellefso@lacrossesd.org

Southern Bluffs – Mary Fitzwater mfitzwat@lacrossesd.org

Spence – Shelayne Dunn sdunn@lacrossesd.org

State Road – Lori Jacobson ljacobso@lacrossesd.org

Summit – Darcy Maxwell dmaxwell@lacrossesd.org

How are students identified for the High Performance Learning Program?

Students in grades K-2 are identified by classroom teachers in consultation with the district’s HPL coordinator based on curriculum assessments and classroom participation.

Students in grades 3-8 are recommended for the HPL program based upon assessment results, teacher recommendation, parent input and other testing.


What happens once my student is identified?

Once a student is identified as meeting the criteria for the HPL program a letter is sent home to the student’s parents/guardians.  The letter identifies the subject area or areas that the student has the opportunity to participate in HPL programming as well as outlines the expectations for participating.  Parents/guardians wanting their child to participate respond by signing the HPL agreement and returning it to school.

Once the signed agreement is received students begin working with their school’s designated HPL teacher.