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Middle Schools

Middle School Programming

  Students in grades 6-8 participate in a a blended learning format that includes face-to-face and independent learning in language arts.  HPL math students are enrolled in advanced math classes during the registratoin process.  An advanced wirtring class is also available for 8th grade students.  Additionally, HPL students can enroll in online courses and receive support within their school. The following competitions may be available to HPL middle school students as well as other students: ∗ Geography Bee (grades 6-8) ∗ Spelling Bee (6-8) ∗ Battle of the Books (6-7) ∗ National History Day (6-8) ∗ Math and Science Expo (6-8) ∗ Global Awareness Competition (6-8)


Middle School Library/HPL Teachers:

Lincoln – Linda Watson lwatson@lacrossesd.org

Logan Middle – Kristina Moulton kmoulton@lacrossesd.org

Longfellow – Lila Planavsky lplanavs@lacrossesd.org