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2020 Summer School Enrichment Course Proposals

Calling for Summer School ENRICHMENT Courses

What are you doing next summer? How about teaching in our School District’s 2020 Summer School Program? Does your school have a Theme, Goal, or Focus that could be met through summer school projects or classes? What is it you’ve always wanted to share with kids, but just never have the time during the regular school year?

Could these be Great Ideas for Enrichment Courses?  Of Course They Could!!

Those ideas are just what we are looking for. We need creative, one or two week exploratory/enrichment courses to offer to our District students so we keep them thinking and learning throughout the summer!


  1. Complete the following Course Proposal Form BEFORE:  Friday, January 10th, 2020
  2. The Course Proposal Form will automatically be emailed to the appropriate Curriculum Supervisor (if it is a new course).
  3. Once the course is approved…
  4. We will print it in our 2020 Summer School Brochure and will work to make it happen!!
  5. We encourage you to promote your own course too!

*Note: Consider your course APPROVED unless you hear otherwise from the summer school office.

2020 Summer School



HS Original Credit/Credit Recovery
June 9 – July 1, 2020 M-F
with July 2 as the make-up day

Summer Music Lessons
June 15 – July 23, 2020 M-Thurs

Enrichment Course Offerings
June 15 – Aug. 6, 2020 M-Thurs

Elem. and MS Reading/Math, Kindercapers, PreSchool Pals,
Coulee Montessori
July 6 – July 31, 2020 M-F  

July 6 – July 23, 2020


June 8 – June 26, 2020

Online Course Registration

March 9-18  for Reading, Math, PreSchool Pals,Kindercapers, CM

March 23-April 15  for Enrichment Classes and Music Lessons

April 24-May 1  for Non-Resident, Non-Open Enrolled Students

May 15-29  for Music Camp Registration/HS Students Only

NOTE: As per Appendix C of the Employee Handbook, course offerings will be paid at the following rates:
Per Diem: Original Credit, Credit Recovery, ESY.
Curriculum ($26.12): Elem. & MS R/M, Kindercapers, PS Pals, C/M, ELL, Music Lessons, Qualifying Enrichment Courses.
Summer School Enrichment (as of July 1, 2019, $20.00): All Enrichment Courses not qualifying for curriculum rate.

Summer School Office Location


Summit Environmental School
1800 Lakeshore Dr.
La Crosse, WI 54603

You will find Dirk Hunter,
Principal/Summer School Supervisor
in the School Office, 789-8815

You will find Ruth Leis, Summer School Admin. Assist. in Room 106, 789-7798

Hogan Administration Center
807 East Avenue South.
La Crosse, WI 54601

You will find Pam Soucheck,
Summer School AA, Room 112, 789-8895

Summer School Employment


NOTE: You must apply every year to teach summer school, AND you must apply before the deadline!

EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS:  will be taken online beginning Mon., March 2, 2020.

DEADLINE for all employment applications:

Friday, April 10, 2020

*It should be noted:  Anticipate contracts being sent NO SOONER than the week of May 11th, 2020!!

Course Guidelines



Course Dates:  June 15 through Aug. 6;  Monday through Thursday;  NO classes on Fridays.

Course Times:  Cannot start before 8:00am;  Must finish no later than 2:30pm; Cannot exceed 4.5hrs. in length.

Building Location Choices: Central HS, Logan HS, Lincoln MS, Logan MS, Longfellow MS, Hintgen Elem., Spence Elem., Emerson Elem., North Woods Elem., and Summit Elem.

Your Course Description: Submit a Proposal Form for EACH CLASS you are proposing. If you are offering more than ONE SESSION of the

SAME CLASS, be sure to indicate EACH session’s dates, times, grade level, capacity, etc.

Your Proposal:  if it is a new course, it will automatically be emailed to the appropriate Curriculum Supervisor.

PROPOSAL DEADLINE:   FRI., JAN. 10th, 2020!!

2020 SS Enrichment Course Proposal

Proposal/Brochure Information

First and Last Name
If you plan to teach this course, you must fill out an online summer school employment application form and have a current teaching license for the entire time the course is being offered. If you do not apply before the deadline, there is no guarantee that you will be the one hired to teach the course.

Course Description

If you wish to copy and paste your course description from last year, visit this link for last year's brochure.

Curriculum Information

These are general/generic expectations, and as such, how the strategies are incorporated is up to the individual professional educator.

Technology Needs

Due to the increased requests from summer school enrichment courses, it is necessary that any staff utilizing technology over the summer request it in advance. Availability for technology not requested cannot be guaranteed. Please know that technology is moved around in the district over the summer, so what might be in your school during the normal year, may not be there over the summer unless requested.

Note: The buttons below open in new tabs/windows, come back to this form to finish submitting your course proposal.

For any new software or app requests, please fill out the Technology Request Form prior to the end of the school year.